Host important event documents, all in one place

Share event materials directly inside your Event App, including session materials, sponsor PDFs, menus, or downloadable copies of schedules or maps. 

Explore the benefits of hosted documents for events

Consolidated documents for ease of use

Finding important event material is easy with all of your documents located in one place. 

Leverage all your documents to boost attendee engagement

Link individual documents from the list to other places within the Event App or Community. 

Understand how attendees interact with the documents you provide them

Get insight on engagement, including number of clicks for each document, inside the Metrics tab of the Event App. 

How it works

The Documents feature hosts PDFs and images that users can open directly within your Event App or Community. Give your attendees a place to easily access your Event App’s session materials, sponsor sell sheets, daily meal menus, or downloadable copies of schedules or maps. You can even use Internal Links to link individual documents from the list to other places within the Event App or Community.

Let attendees know that all documents are in the Event App. Increase app adoption and save money on paper.

Tell attendees that presentations will be uploaded to the app after the event. Once they’re uploaded, send an announcement to let attendees know.

Frequently Asked Questions

Supported file types: .JPEG, .JPG, .PNG, .SVG, .PDF, .DOCX, .XLSX, .PPTX, .JSON 

Yes! You can customize the feature’s name and icon or limit its visibility using Groups. 

Yes! Applying a category to a document adds the name of the category below the document’s label or subtitle in the features list and lets attendees filter documents by category. 

Yes! Simply drag and drop or add select multiple files to upload them at once into the Documents feature. 

Yes! Users can link the document to other Event App features, such as Agenda sessions, Live Stream features, and more.  

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