Customize order confirmation messaging  

Stand out from the crowd and provide your attendees with a unique experience with customized order confirmation messages and emails. 

Explore the benefits of custom order confirmation messages

Targeted messaging for a cohesive event experience 

Send targeted messaging to specific attendee groups, such as VIPs or sponsors, with custom order confirmation messages. 

Tailor your messaging to meet the needs of every attendee 

Customize your event messaging to send specific instructions to virtual attendees, while providing different instructions for in-person attendees, ensuring everyone has the information they need to enjoy your event.  

Reinforce your brand with custom order confirmation messaging 

Make sure your event messaging aligns with your brand by customizing your order confirmation messages and emails. 

How it works

With custom order confirmation messaging, event planners have full control over the messaging sent to attendees on the order confirmation page and in the order email. They can customize the checkout confirmation message, PDF ticket, and all order emails as needed, while also having the option to pause and activate confirmation, cancellation, or refund emails. Additionally, planners can personalize all order emails with supported variables, and see a live preview of the message before sending it out. This enhanced customization makes it easy for planners to create a seamless and on-brand registration experience for their attendees. 

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