Invite exhibitors and sponsors to help capture and manage leads

Email exhibitor staff instructions for downloading the Lead Retrieval app, creating an account, scanning leads, and more.

Explore the benefits of booth staff invite emails 

Instant Lead Retrieval invitations 

Quickly invite exhibitor and sponsor booth staff to download the Lead Retrieval app with a pre-made email invitation. 

Enhance exhibitor and sponsor relationships 

Connect with booth staff and invite them to download the Lead Retrieval app, create an account, join an Event or Community, invite additional users, and scan leads. 

Invite multiple staff members at once

Booth staff invite emails gives you the opportunity to invite one or multiple staff members at a time. 

How it works

After you’ve added Exhibitor and Sponsors features and profiles to your Event App, you’ll activate Lead Retrieval. Now it’s time to invite exhibitors by setting up and sharing the Exhibitor Purchase Form or pre-purchasing licenses and inviting exhibitors individually

Once you’re ready to invite exhibitors, you’ll select Invite Exhibitor on the Lead Retrieval Exhibitors page. Add the number of licenses you want to use for this invitation and select one of your sponsor or exhibitor profiles to invite. Fill out the form with information about each booth member. Admins can invite other admins and staff, so you don’t have to add everyone yourself. 

Click Send Invitation and repeat the process for each exhibitor. 

Your Booth Staff Invite email contains much of the same information in our Getting Started with Lead Retrieval article, including instructions for downloading the Lead Retrieval app, creating an account, joining an Event or Community, inviting additional users, and scanning leads. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You can invite one or multiple members from an exhibitor or sponsor in your Event App during the invitation process. Remember, admins can also invite other members to use Lead Retrieval, so you don’t have to add everyone. 

Don’t worry, we have you covered! Booth Staff Invite emails contain much of the same information in our Getting Started with Lead Retrieval article. 

If you need to purchase more licenses, click the Live chat us now link in the Add Licenses modal to chat with a member of our support team, or email 

Before you activate Lead Retrieval and start welcoming exhibitors, there are a couple steps you need to take in your Event App or Community. 

  • Add the Exhibitors and Sponsors features – Exhibitors and Sponsors you invite or who sign up for Lead Retrieval need an official profile in your Event App so they can add team members and track team metrics. 
  • Add profiles for each Exhibitor and Sponsor – The only situation where you don’t need to add profiles is when using the Exhibitor Purchase Form with the ‘Let purchasers create new Exhibitors’ option activated. 

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