Visualize real-time booth metrics and lead activity

Review booth activity like total scans and average lead quality in a real-time dashboard so sponsoring companies can get a pulse on event performance. 

Explore the benefits of booth metrics

Real-time key metrics 

Get info on real-time lead activity from a lead management dashboard. 

Create transparency with visibility for booth team members

Give exhibitors visibility into their booth activity with the ability to share with other team members. 

Export activity instantly 

Download a report showing every scan exhibitors captured with key metrics including lead quality, lead status, and more. 

How it works

Once an exhibitor starts scanning leads, the data dashboard shows exactly how you and your team are performing in real time. Key metrics like total scans and average lead quality are showcased for fast decision making. Plus, you can instantly export leads to a CRM-friendly spreadsheet and show ROI. 

After collecting leads, click on the Lead Retrieval Metrics tab to review overall metrics for all exhibitors or drill down to one in particular. 

The All Exhibitors drop-down lets you choose a specific exhibitor, while the All Times drop-down lets you filter scans by a certain time period. To share metrics with others, simply click Share Metrics link and copy the URL. 

The top-level metrics show total scans, number of new leads, average lead quality, and number of active exhibitors. Below these, there’s a graph that shows leads retrieved by hour, day, week, and month. At the bottom, the Lead Quality, Lead Status, and Top Exhibitors charts show where each exhibitor is ranked by Total Scans and New Leads. 

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