Unlock personalized event experiences with audience segmentation 

Deliver personalized experiences and manage access to event content by classifying attendees into groups. 

Explore the benefits of audience segmentation

Effortless attendee management 

Simplify attendee management by automating group assignments based on ticket selection or offering attendees the freedom to choose their groups during registration. 

Targeted engagement made easy 

Customize content access, banners and messages, agendas, engagement features, and more based on attendee groups for a truly personalized event. 

Empower attendees with customized experiences 

Create exclusive content and customize announcements and banners to cater to VIP or staff members, providing them with a unique and personalized event experience. 

Tailored agendas for every attendee 

Deliver a seamless event experience with customized agendas, empowering attendees to explore sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities that resonate with their professional interests. 

How it works

Audience segmentation provides event planners with powerful tools to personalize, manage, and streamline their events. With this feature, planners can classify attendees into groups, enabling targeted experiences and enhanced attendee satisfaction. By assigning groups to attendees during registration or automatically based on ticket selection, event professionals can effortlessly organize and manage their audience. The flexibility of audience segmentation allows for the customization of content access, agenda creation, and engagement opportunities, ensuring a tailored event environment. Planners can create exclusive features for VIP or staff members, hide sessions based on tracks, and deliver location-specific announcements and banners. The granular control over feature visibility and content access empowers event planners to curate personalized experiences that cater to diverse attendee needs.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, audience segmentation provides the flexibility to automatically assign attendees to groups based on their ticket selection. Additionally, event planners can offer attendees the option to choose their own groups during the registration process, allowing for a personalized experience. 

With audience segmentation, event planners have granular control over the visibility of features and content for different attendee groups. They can assign groups to specific features and individual items within features, ensuring that only the relevant groups have access to them. This level of control allows for personalized experiences and tailored content access based on attendee groups. 

Absolutely! Audience segmentation enables event planners to create exclusive experiences for VIP or staff members. By assigning specific groups to exclusive features or content categories, planners can tailor the event environment specifically for these privileged attendees, providing them with personalized and tailored experiences that cater to their specific needs and interests. 

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