Offer enhanced networking opportunities with integrated meeting scheduling

Webex Events offers attendees the ability to connect and schedule meetings directly through the platform, saving your attendees time and creating personalized connection opportunities.

Explore the benefits of attendee meeting scheduling

Streamline your time with meeting scheduling for new connections

Easily follow up with new connections and send them a proposed meeting through the platform to maximize your networking at events.

Seamless integration with the rest of your event tech

Remove the headache of using multiple apps in order for attendees to network during your event and add meetings directly to you and your connection’s agenda.

Improved event ROI for attendees and sponsors

Provide a dedicated platform for simplified networking for all your attendees at no additional cost.

How it works

On either the mobile or event platform, when you send a meeting request, the connection gets a notification about the meeting proposal, and they can either accept or reject the request. If they accept, the meeting appears in the connection’s profile and in your My Agenda tab.

Take your events to the next level

The future of events is here. Discover why event organizers trust Webex Events to power virtual, in-person, and hybrid event success.