Enable helpful calendar reminders for your attendees

Display an “add to calendar” link on your registration and checkout pages and make it easy for attendees to remember your event. 

Explore the benefits of add to calendar 

Stay top of mind

Make it easy for attendees to remember your event without leaving the registration or checkout pages. 

Provide calendar options for attendees

Leverage the add to calendar feature for Google, Outlook, Apple, and Yahoo calendars. 

Remind attendees via email 

Include Add to Calendar links in your registration and promotional emails to further remind attendees of your event. 

How it works

Enabling the Add to Calendar link is done with a simple button. Once you’ve published your Registration, the Add to Calendar link is shown on the registration page, as well as the checkout confirmation page by default. When a user clicks this link, they can select from a list of calendar apps to add the event to including Google, Outlook, Apple, and Yahoo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Attendees will be able to add your event to their Google, Outlook, Apple, and Yahoo calendars. 

Great question! Admins have the option to include Add to Calendar links to their confirmation and promotional emails from the Webex Events platform. Learn more. 

If you change your Event’s scheduled date or time after attendees have added it to their calendar apps, their calendars won’t automatically update. Attendees will need to either re-add the event to their calendar, or manually update their calendar app. You can always remind people to update their calendar invites via email from the Webex Events platform. 

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