Control team-wide user permissions across our platform

Manage permissions across your team with multiple roles including admin, editor, or advanced settings via Webex control hub. 

Explore the benefits of access controls 

Easily integrate with Webex Control Hub 

Access the Webex Events platform from Control Hub and easily manage your team, product, and feature credits. 

Manage team member access to your events 

Take charge of your events and manage your team member access with ease. 

Track product and feature credit information

Get a comprehensive view of your team’s product and feature usage and purchasing activities. 

How it works

When you purchase your first Webex Events product, we create a team for you and add credits for the product you purchased. This ensures that you have everything you need to get started with your collaboration efforts.  

When you’re ready to create an Event or Community, you’ll need to select a team. This will ensure that the appropriate credits are deducted from the team you’ve chosen, and that members of that team have access to manage the product or feature.  

Whether you’re using Registration, Event App, Communities, Onsite, Branded Apps, or Webex Events Streaming, the appropriate credits will be deducted from your selected team and your collaborators will have access to the features they need to make your events a success. 

To manage team settings, credits, and members, click on your profile image in the top right corner of the Webex Events platform, select the option “Team Settings” from the drop-down menu. A modal will appear showing your team’s credits as well as credits for other teams for which you’re an Admin. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re a Webex Suite Enterprise customer with ‘Webex Events Admin’ permission in Control Hub, start with our Team Management for Webex Admins article. 

Please refer to our article about activating Webex Events for your Webex Organization. 

Please refer to the Add users manually on Control Hub article. 

There are two types of team members: 

  • Editors can access, edit, and activate every product associated with your team. Editors can’t purchase or reassign team credits. 
  • Administrators have the same access as editors, and they can also manage teams. This includes purchasing and using credits and inviting new team members. 

Administrators can add people to a team directly inside the platform. Simply enter the email of the team member and add an optional personal message to include with the invite. 

Yes! Administrators have access to add team members, edit team members, and manage team settings. 

Yes! Administrators can rename a team or transfer credits between different teams. Simply increase or decrease the credits for any products as needed. If you remove credits from a team, you can then reassign them to a different team. Keep in mind that we don’t recommend creating a new team or transferring credits unless a member of our staff has instructed you to do so. 

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