Check out previous episodes from our five-part summer series as we discuss the top 5 topics on event planners’ minds. As we gear up for our next event season, these 20-minute sessions cover what you need to know pre-, during, and post-event without the fluff. Register and get access to the on-demand sessions!

Part 1: Attendee Participation

In-person events are back! And the old event rulebook is out. Join the Webex Events (formerly Socio) event profs, as we talk through new expectations and how you can increase attendee participation at your next in-person event. 

Part 2: Engagement & Collaboration

Whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid, attendee engagement is always top-of-mind. This session will show you how to enhance your attendees’ experience using native integrations, 3rd party tools, and vendors by adding unique experiences into your event mix.

Part 3: Event Production

Become an event production pro! Now with many groups returning to in-person events, it’s time to up-level your production skills. From live streaming vs. pre-recorded video to content delivery and speaker options, we talk about the latest trends in event production to wow your attendees.

Part 4: Event Content

We all know that compelling content helps increase event registrations, but where do you begin? We’ll discuss best practices for creating and reusing event content, building event promotion plans, and generating a buzz to maximize event engagement and participation.

Part 5: Sponsorships & ROI

Let’s talk about sponsorships! They’re one of the best ways to cover the cost of hosting an event and they also help build long-lasting relationships with the brands your event attendees know and respect while delivering value to your partners. We will showcase types of event sponsorship, how to build a tiered sponsor package, and the essential components to include when creating an event sponsorship proposal.