About Rejuv

Rejuv is a medical aesthetic clinic specializing in Botox, facials, CoolSculpting, and other procedures. Typically, Rejuv plans four live events a year that each attracts between 200 and 500 customers who attend to learn about new procedures, participate in live demos with Rejuv providers, and purchase products. Rejuv depends on their live events as a major source of revenue.

In early April of 2020, Rejuv was in the final stages of planning their May event, Radiant. COVID-19 was simultaneously ramping up across the world, and they came to the realization they would have to cancel the event altogether, or find a different solution. The Rejuv team decided to partner with Webex Events (formerly Socio) and convert Radiant to a fully virtual format.

The challenges

Find a platform that could take their event virtual 

Olivia VandeVelde was tasked with leading the virtual pivot. That meant finding the right technology that could bring their vision to life. She planned to use Zoom to stream their provider’s live presentations, so she needed a platform that could seamlessly link all the live streams in a central hub. The platform also had to come equipped with powerful features to make the event fun and engaging, and solutions to maximize revenue in a virtual setting.

Ensure platform adoption

Choosing the right platform was only the beginning. For Radiant to be successful, they needed their attendee base to adopt and utilize the platform. It was important for this to occur before the event kicked off, so they could maximize the attendee experience and their revenue.

Meet revenue goals

Rejuv’s quarterly events are a main source of revenue, and with the pandemic impacting clinic procedures, this event really had to deliver. The platform Rejuv chose absolutely had to offer solutions to generate revenue in virtual formats.

The Solution:

Utilize the Webex Events event app as the hub of their event

VandeVelde began researching event technology and ultimately decided an event app would offer the best solution for taking Radiant virtual.

“We researched a lot of different platforms,” VandeVelde says. “[Webex Events] was the one that got back to us right away. We got on a demo, and we just loved it. We were like, ‘Okay, we could do this.’”

rejuv event app

VandeVelde used the platform’s drag-and-drop builder to design a fully branded event app using Rejuv’s branding to give a recognizable user experience. The Radiant app packed all event information, streaming links to provider demos, and a social wall where attendees could interact with each other. 

Incentivize attendees to download and engage with the event app

After deciding on the Webex Events (formerly Socio) event app, they had to get the message out to their attendee base. Once event RSVPs started rolling in, the Rejuv team’s focus switched to attendee adoption of their virtual event app. 

“Since this experience was a first for many of our attendees, we knew that we needed to get creative to increase app adoption and engagement,” says Kimberly Busch of Rejuv. “Which led to a fun contest to get people on the app and interact with our content.”

In the days leading up to Radiant, the Rejuv team launched their “10 Days of Giveaways” contest. To be eligible for the prizes, attendees had to download the Radiant event app and post on the social wall. The contest was a huge success and allowed Rejuv to reach 100% app adoption.

Create an event game to drive revenue  

The goal of Rejuv’s event was to generate revenue. Figuring that humans are competitive by nature, the team came up with a gamification strategy to inspire customer purchases and drive revenue. 

“We created the game around the products or services that we wanted people to buy or do,” VandeVelde says. “Dollars were point values. So, spend $50, get 50 points. Spend $100, get 100 points. We went up to 1,000. Our membership is a huge part of what we do. So, signing up for new memberships were weighted more to drive customers to the actions we wanted them to take.”

Using the platform’s banner ad feature, which is often used to showcase sponsors, a message promoting the game read, “Start Earning Points. Swipe to Get Your Game On.”

For each purchase an attendee made, they received a code that they could enter into the app to claim their points. To drive competition further, Rejuv synced the Radiant event app with Webex Events live display, which they used to prominently display their game leaderboard between sessions.

“We were able to post the leaderboard up there so that we could see people racking up points in real time,” Busch says. “They could see themselves up there, as well. That’s how we used the Live Display — it was a commercial break. It was a way for us to get out as much communication as possible in one shot, in one screen. For us, it was extremely powerful.”

The results:

100% app adoption

A typical Rejuv event draws 200 to 500 attendees, yet the virtual format of Radiant brought in 727 attendees who interacted with Rejuv providers and products. They not only surpassed attendance goals, they gained valuable leads that resulted in revenue.

10% revenue growth over 2019

The game was highly successful and proved to be the most exciting feature in the Radiant app. Seventy-two percent of the attendees participated in the game and, on average, completed four challenges. This helped drive a 10% revenue increase over the previous year’s in-person event.

The game’s point scale originally maxed out at 1,000 points, but Rejuv had to increase it to 2,000, and then 3,000 because so many high-dollar orders were flying in.

“We exceeded last year’s revenue, and I do attribute that to the gamification and the level of engagement we pulled in,” Busch says. “All things considered, it was a six-figure virtual event for us.”

122 new patients

“For us to know that we had 122 patients that had never stepped foot in Rejuv, never purchased anything before, that is a huge marketing opportunity for us now to go after these leads,” Busch says. “So, this was a really big win — we’ve captured a new crowd.”

The Rejuv team is already looking ahead to their September event. They’re planning to pivot to a hybrid event, taking the wins they learned from their virtual event and combining them with a limited, in-person experience.

“We’re so excited to do this with [Webex Events], whether it’s going to be part virtual or all in-person, we’ll still use the app,” Busch says. “No matter what.”