As a leading technology provider renowned for its cutting-edge innovation, Cognigy was setting the stage for their premier global Customer Experience Summit. The vision was clear: an event teeming with networking opportunities in an atmosphere electrified by tech-enabled engagement.  

With meticulous evaluation of various platforms, Cognigy zeroed in on Webex Events, enticed by its versatile features and speedy deployment potential. The countdown was on with just five weeks to the summit, but Cognigy swiftly aligned with the Webex Events team to launch a robust and engaging event app experience.   

The Cognigy team was ready to take on the challenge of harmonizing multiple goals into one cohesive experience:  

  • Exemplifying customer appreciation.  
  • Establishing networking channels for customers and partners.  
  • Delivering a tech-centric event experience.  
  • Enhancing attendee engagement.  
  • Collecting feedback to shape future events.  

Discover how Cognigy leveraged Webex Events to bring its customer event to life.  

About Cognigy  

Cognigy is revolutionizing the customer service industry by harnessing the most cutting-edge AI technology on the market. Its award-winning solution Cognigy.AI, empowers businesses to deliver exceptional customer service that is instant, personalized, in any language and on any channel. Cognigy is shaping the future of customer service, creating AI Agents by perfectly combining Generative and Conversational AI to increase customer satisfaction and actively support employees in real-time.    

“With the technology, enterprises can launch their own AI agents,” Atangana says. “We take pride in being acknowledged by industry analysts as a global leader in this field.”  

Hosting the first Cognigy Customer Experience Summit  

In March 2023, Cognigy brought together 200+ global customers for an in-person event in Düsseldorf, Germany. Contact center leaders, Conversational AI specialists, and business managers participated in a full day of networking, presentations, and tech lab sessions, showcasing their successes in using Cognigy.AI.  

“Above all, this event aimed to foster a community among Cognigy customers, facilitating meaningful connections among them and providing a platform for them to showcase how they utilize our solution to one another,” Natalie Atangana, Customer Advocacy Manager at Cognigy, says. “Furthermore, we extended invitations to our crucial partners and prospective clients, ensuring they had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with our brand, engage directly with our customers, and gain invaluable firsthand insights.” 

Launching an event app to engage and connect attendees  

As a technology company, it was important to power the event with a robust platform, so Cognigy decided to compare app options. Testing the software with a free trial was important to Atangana. In addition, she says trust in the Webex brand made a difference to her.   

“In a 45-minute session, our Customer Success Manager, Mutlu Can, attentively listened to my requirements and provided me with valuable guidance on the key areas to prioritize and how to effectively utilize the templates.”   

Following the support session, Natalie was equipped with a checklist of action items.  

Natalie recalls Mutlu’s statement, “If you encounter any challenges, simply open the chat and submit your question, and you’ll receive a prompt response.” She adds, “True to his words, whenever I reached out with a question in the chat, I received an immediate response.”  

With the aid of intuitive templates and responsive support, Natalie successfully launched the event app, complete with features designed to effortlessly engage and connect attendees, all within an impressive timeframe of just 5 weeks.  

Building a community of customers  

“Building a community of customers was our primary focus,” Natalie explains. “Throughout the one-day, in-person event, we provided select Cognigy customers with the opportunity to present their Cognigy use cases and gather questions from the audience. This interactive approach enabled customers to gain valuable platform insights from their fellow peers within the industry,” she says. “Inviting our customers was a way to express our gratitude to them, while we wanted to foster a community atmosphere and facilitate connections among customers.” 

Cognigy leveraged the networking capabilities within the Webex Events app and matched the colors in the app to their badges for smoother networking and cohesive branding.  

Over 80% of app users made connections in the app.  

Enabling inclusive engagement with Q&A  

While a Q&A session enables attendees to actively engage with event content and acquire additional insights, approaching the microphone to ask a question in a crowded setting can cause discomfort to some attendees.  

Furthermore, it is worth noting that Cognigy’s conference was conducted in English, catering to a diverse global audience consisting of attendees from various countries.  

“Our aim was to provide all participants with an inclusive opportunity to ask questions and actively participate in the experience, even allowing for anonymous questions,” Natalie says.  

To address this setup, Cognigy utilized the audience engagement tool provided by the Webex Events platform, specifically leveraging the Q&A function. Customers had the convenience of posing their questions within the app, which were then relayed to the stage by a designated moderator.  

Throughout the event, Cognigy customers actively engaged in submitting questions through the app, resulting in an average minimum of 15 distinct questions per session.  

Staying on track with the agenda feature   

Including an agenda and speaker bios in an app allows event organizers to go paperless, creating less waste and a better user experience, as attendees can build their agenda in real-time and interact with speakers. In addition to the app, Cognigy leveraged Live Display to showcase the agenda and announcements.   

“Utilizing announcements, we efficiently managed the flow of the event, expressing gratitude to the speakers and reminding attendees to collect their event souvenirs,” Natalie says. “The Live Display was a game-changer.”  

All presentations were available to access in the app after the event, which further encouraged attendees to download the app.   

Cognigy launches successful in-person event experience  

The event was met with widespread positive feedback from attendees, a testament to the blend of tech and networking opportunities.   

One attendee shared about their Cognigy event experience, noting, “Cognigy has reshaped the experience with their tech-infused approach.”   

Receiving feedback proved crucial to measuring success and informing future events. In the app, Cognigy was able to ask attendees to rate the sessions they attended. The agenda received 4.86 out 5 stars, demonstrating that Cognigy provided content that was relevant to and top of mind for their customers.   

Reflecting on the success of the event, Atangana expressed, “We set out with the objective of giving real insights to our conversational AI technology. I am confident that we successfully accomplished this goal through the Cognigy Experience Summit.”  

Cognigy’s key learnings from the event include:   

  • Leveraging live display in the event venue helped bring the app to life. 
  • Investing in an event app created a successful tech-augmented experience.   
  • Providing attendees with options to ask questions in the app created a more inclusive experience.  

With their event complete, Cognigy looks forward to launching more in-person events that foster connection and engage attendees, while leveraging additional Webex Events capabilities. 

“When technology truly adds value, it becomes an enhancement, and that was exactly the case for our event,” Natalie says. “People had the ability to browse through the list of attendees, ask questions anonymously, and access downloadable presentations post-event. Additionally, the decision against designing and printing agendas proved to be a valuable resource-saving measure for our team.”