As event professionals, we know that the attendee journey doesn’t begin when they walk through the doors. It starts when they first hear about your event and continues long after it’s over. That’s why we’ve built these new features to help planners track event marketing ROI, personalize emails based on user behavior and ticket types, improve event floor mapping, and make post-event content promotion easier.  

Before the event: event promotion 

Registration page tracking 

We’ve always helped planners get actionable real-time engagement data during their events. Now, event marketers can see which marketing channels are driving the most event registrations thanks to new integrations with Google Analytics (GA4), Google Tag Manager, Meta, and LinkedIn. This means that your team can gain full-funnel visibility into event marketing performance – from views to registrations to attendees to opportunities, and ultimately, to revenue. 

With page tracking, planners can add tracking codes from their analytics tool to Webex Events Registration. Key data points like unique page views, average duration spent on the website, bounce rate, goal conversions, and campaign source can be reviewed in real time in your analytics tool of choice.

Plus, Webex Events integrates with Google Tag Manager so that marketers have the flexibility to integrate 3rd-party advertising and website tools with Webex Events registration. This means you’ll be able to get even deeper insights into what’s driving registrations, leverage paid marketing channels, and improve your marketing efforts.  

Registration email improvements 

In addition to registration page tracking, we’re improving multiple parts of our registration email functionality 

By the end of May 2023, transactional emails will allow customization of the subject line, “From name,” and “Reply to” emails for checkout, cancellation & refund emails. With this update, planners will be able to create both marketing and transactional emails with tailored messaging and functionality based on user behavior and ticket types. 

Second, we’ll be releasing more personalized checkout emails, messages, and tickets based on the attendee’s ticket type. If a planner has different attendee instructions based on ticket type, they will now be able to customize the post-registration experience.  

For instance, let’s say you’re hosting a large conference that will have both in-person and virtual attendees. To make things as smooth as possible, you want to provide clear instructions and resources for each group. For your in-person attendees, you could send a customized message that includes travel instructions to the conference venue, along with a PDF ticket that has a QR code that will grant them access to the event. Meanwhile, for your virtual attendees, you could include a web app link in your message along with instructions on how to join the virtual event. This way, all attendees will have the information they need to attend and participate in the event, whether they’re joining in person or online. 

During the event: in-person attendee experience 

Event Maps

Also coming by the end of May 2023 are updates to our Event Maps feature. Customizable event maps make it easier for in-person attendees to navigate and engage with the event. Planners can use a variety of shapes and colors to create an interactive map that shows key locations, like registration desks or sponsor booths.  

These tools give planners greater control over how they present information — making it simpler for attendees to find what they’re looking for. Ultimately, these features help event professionals create a more engaging event that attendees are sure to remember.  

After the event: post-event engagement 

Studio Recordings

The event journey doesn’t end just because the event has. Webex Events lets planners repurpose event content through its video recording capabilities. Planners can record sessions, keynotes, and other important presentations to create a library of post-event videos that attendees can access at any time. Plus, all recordings are available in one central location with preview and download capabilities so users can easily find what they’re looking for and quickly repurpose event content for post-event promotion. 

Plus, these recordings process at lightning speed — usually within minutes — so your audience won’t have to wait long to start watching. And when processing is complete, automatic notifications can be sent out, keeping your whole team informed.  

Additionally, closed captioning capabilities and translation options for Video on Demand provide a better post-event experience for attendees, making the content accessible and engaging for a wider audience. 

Elevate your event experience with Webex Events 

Webex Events makes it easier than ever for event planners at each stage of the attendee journey. From increased visibility into marketing campaigns with reg page analytics to interactive floor plans that enhance user experience, to fast processing times for video recordings — these features have been designed to maximize engagement and make the event planning process simpler and more efficient.