WebexOne 2022, the user conference centered around bringing Webex customers and partners together to learn and experience all aspects of Webex, starts today! We can’t wait to share the innovations we are bringing to market this year, and what better way to share these exciting announcements than to do so on Webex Events – the powerful end-to-end event management platform that brings in-person, hybrid, and virtual events to life.  

An event such as WebexOne truly shines on the Webex Events platform, built with deep intention and customization to leave a lasting impression on its audience. Perfect for multi-day, multi-track events such as this one, Webex Events allows planners to permeate their brand into every aspect of their event. Attendees from around the globe can customize their experience while immersing themselves in a plethora of carefully curated content, designed to help them engage and connect with each other.   

WebexOne is jampacked this year with impactful keynote speakers, exciting session tracks, and new certification and training sessions. As you explore your virtual event venue, be sure to pay close attention to the level of detail given to every aspect including beautifully designed icons, banners, resources, videos, and engagement tools. 

Read on to learn more about the exciting announcements Webex Events will be sharing today, including: 

  • Closed captioning and translation for Video on Demand and Simulive streaming 
  • Content widgets for your event website 
  • Registration conditional logic 
  • Attendee lobby 
  • Onsite metrics dashboard 

Customized Events. Inspired Experiences.  

Customization is at the heart of Webex Events. Customizations help build a more cohesive event experience, whether you’re a planner or attendee. And to underscore this point, Webex Events is proud to announce five new product enhancements to support you at every stage of the event journey. 

Update Once, Update All. 

Webex Events content widget gif walkthrough

With any event, consistency and accuracy around digital event touchpoints are key. With our new Content Widgets, planners will soon be able to take pre-built elements from their Webex Events platform and embed them directly into any event website.  

Your website is most likely the first touchpoint attendees have with your event. They visit to learn all the pertinent details like time, date, and location of the event, as well as who will be speaking, what the agenda looks like, and perhaps most importantly, how to purchase their tickets.  

It’s not uncommon for multiple websites and landing pages containing the same information to exist for different audiences. It can be hard enough to keep track of where the information is being shown, let alone make sure any necessary updates or changes have been made across the board. 

With the addition of Content Widgets, planners will soon be able to streamline and consolidate workflows to always display the most up-to-date event information everywhere. No need to bother the IT department to correct a misspelling in a speaker bio, add another platinum sponsor, or make an update to a session in the agenda.  

With just a few clicks, these embeddable widgets can easily be updated within Webex Events and pushed out to all third-party sites that contain a content widget.  The attendee will always see the most up-to-date, accurate information across all event touchpoints. Easy! 

Webex Events content widget example laptop screen

Coming in 2023, your Webex Events platform will soon become the single source of truth. We will launch five new content widgets for planners to utilize: Agenda, Speakers, Exhibitors, Sponsors and a Custom List. Planners will be able to build out these sections once within Webex Events and reuse them cross their event websites.  

Smarter Event Registration 

Event planners are always looking to collect additional data points to create even more personalized experiences for their attendees and in turn, even more actionable insights. At the same time, attendees are yearning for a more streamlined, less tedious registration process so they can get to checkout faster. 

Webex Events smart event registration example

Registration Conditional Logic will allow planners to build more customized, defined criteria into their registration experience by allowing for follow-up questions to be triggered within a registration form. This lets organizers serve relevant questions to attendees based on their previous answers and gather specific information they might not have been able to otherwise.  

Webex Events smart event registration conditional logic gif

With the ability to only show certain questions to attendees who answer questions a specific way, planners can point attendees to additional purchases, signups, or registrations (Would you like more information about the certification course?), gather qualitative feedback on the event (As a newcomer to our event, which exhibit are you most looking forward to seeing?) or simply capture another layer of detail on the people attending their upcoming event (What content are you most interested in seeing?). Planners can then use this information in a multitude of ways, from more personalized event experiences for attendees to actionable insights post-event.  

We are pleased to announce that Registration Conditional Logic will be coming to Webex Events in early 2023.  

Give your attendees a warm welcome 

Entering an event venue is an important moment for attendees. It sets the tone for the entire event. What your attendees see as soon as they enter the doors to your venue is their first glimpse of what’s to come. They will look for event signage to point them in the right direction. They may see the logos of top sponsors or headshots of the keynote speakers for that day. They might even see important messages from event organizers.  

This is the experience we wanted to recreate in our platform. With our new Attendee Lobby, your guests will receive a warm welcome immediately upon entering their Webex Events virtual event venue.   

Webex Events attendee lobby example on cell phone screen

Key event content can be shown to attendees on the front page of their event app in the form of customizable modules such as a welcome message, countdown clock, keynote speakers, platinum sponsors, or the event agenda.  

Webex Events attendee lobby walkthrough gif

Coming in early 2023, the Lobby will help attendees better orient to the virtual event space, find key event information quickly, and easily navigate key features and content.  

Turn Hello into Hola with just one click 

Earlier this year, Webex Events announced the addition of native Real-Time Closed Captions and Translation in over 30 languages for Live Streaming and RTMP. This will be available with the purchase of streaming capabilities within the platform.  

We are proud to announce that we will be expanding these capabilities to include Video on Demand and Simulive in the coming months.    

Webex Events native Real-Time Closed Captions and Translation walkthrough gif

The ability to add pre-recorded content to your live event directly from your event management platform can be a game-changer for event professionals. Coming soon, any video asset within an event – whether streamed live or pre-recorded – can include English closed captioning and real-time translations in 30+ languages. Nearly all the video assets within an event will become more inclusive for all audiences, no matter how they are viewed. 

Real-time closed captioning and translation for Simulive will be available in late 2022 and for Video on Demand soon after in early 2023.  

More Data, More Insights 

We know that when it comes to events, the more data the better! However, it must be displayed in an easily consumable manner for it to be impactful. The powerful data dashboards within Webex Events currently show live stream and video analytics, attendee engagement metrics, gamification results, and sponsor insights. We are happy to announce that beginning next month, the Onsite metrics dashboard will be added to this lineup, closing the loop on end-to-end metrics dashboards available to event planners from Webex Events.  

Webex Events Onsite metrics dashboard walkthrough gif

Planners will now be able to see real-time Onsite metrics, with a detailed look into the check-in and badge printing activities at their event, including attendee check-in numbers, badge printing locations, and more. 

Detailed down to the ticket type, the Onsite Check-in and Badge Printing dashboard is extremely powerful for planners. Not only will they be able to keep tabs on who has checked in and from which printer location, but they will also be able to evaluate their check-in process after the event has ended to determine how they can improve their next event. 

Maybe they rented too many badge printers – maybe not enough. Perhaps they found they had more badge reprints than they thought they would. Or maybe they realized having multiple check-in locations wasn’t necessary based on the numbers. Through the many visualizations and filtering options available through the dashboard, the planner has full control over the data they want to see about their event check-in and badge printing experience.  

Join us at WebexOne today and tomorrow! 

If you haven’t registered yet – it’s not too late. Even if you can’t attend every session, registering will give you the ability to watch session recordings even after the event is over. 

We can’t wait to connect with you throughout the event. And don’t forget to join the Events track sessions to learn more about what’s coming to Webex Events!  

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