Nearly one week after the announcement that Socio is now the all-new Webex Events, G2 has released their Spring 2022 reports, naming Webex Events (formerly Socio) a Leader in three major event categories: 

  1. Event Management Platforms 
  1. Virtual Event Platforms 
  1. Mobile Event Apps 

Scoring is determined by ranking products according to customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and market presence (based on market share, seller size, and social impact). Webex Events ranked #1 on G2’s Usability Index in all three categories. 

This comes after G2 announced earlier this month that Webex Events was ranked #20 in their prestigious Best Marketing Software category — the highest-ranked event platform in the category. This places Webex Events alongside marketing staples like Hubspot and Mailchimp. 

These rankings are a direct reflection of the approach that Webex Events (formerly Socio) has taken, with a focus on customer satisfaction and usability. 

Being named a leader in each of these categories individually is an honor, but to rank in all three proves that Webex Events is the clear choice for a flexible, hybrid-ready platform that event professionals can use to manage and host any event, end-to-end. 

Webex Events is a Leader in G2 Event Management Platform Grid 

The Spring 2022 G2 Event Management Platform Grid ranks Webex Events at #3 overall thanks to continued customer satisfaction and a 20-point jump in Market Presence in a single quarter. 

While most of the competition focuses on a single event format or providing a platform for user-created events like small meetups, Webex Events is the top-ranked option for event professionals looking to host engaging in-person, virtual, or hybrid events. 

Here are just a handful of the data points and feature rankings that helped make Webex Events a Leader in the Grid. 

  • #1 rated for email customization 
  • #2 rated for social media promotion 
  • #3 rated for user satisfaction 
  • #3 rated for ease of use 
  • #3 rated for payment processing 
  • #3 for API/integrations 
  • #3 for multiple event management 
  • #4 for quality of support 
  • #4 for email automation 
  • #5 for performance and reliability 
  • #5 for lead generation and retrieval 

Webex Events is a Leader in G2 Virtual Event Platforms Grid  

According to G2’s definition: 

“Virtual event platforms facilitate digital experiences via built-in webcasting capabilities, integrations with webinar software, or both. Virtual event platforms also help recreate in-person event experiences by incorporating interactive content, such as Q&A, live polls, group chat, and 1:1 networking.” 

Webex Events (formerly Socio) ranked #5 in the G2 Virtual Events Platform Grid for Spring 2022, again firmly in the Leader quadrant.  

Hosting virtual events on Webex Events provides an immersive, interactive, and intuitive experience for your attendees. They’ll love television-like live streams and engagement tools like Q&A, chat, polling, gamification, and more.  

Webex Events is a Leader in G2 Mobile Event App Grid 

Providing a top-ranked event platform for in-person and virtual events is one thing, but what about the mobile experience?  

These days, more and more attendees are tuning in from their mobile devices, either on the go, or multitasking, using engagement features while listening to speakers.  

G2 ranked Webex Events 4th in the Spring 2022 Mobile Event App Grid, including a 95% user satisfaction rating. 

The best is yet to come 

The Webex Events (formerly Socio) team is thrilled with these rankings, but we’re always on a mission to innovate and get better. We believe that event professionals need a single solution that can support any audience and every event, no matter the format. Webex Events is that solution.  
Your event management platform needs to be not only capable of managing any event type, but also capable of easily and seamlessly pivoting between them.  

Being hybrid-ready isn’t just about creating hybrid events. It’s about providing personalized attendee journeys and continuous engagement across the customer and event lifecycle. 

We’re proud to be named a Leader by G2 and want to take a moment to thank not only our incredible team but also our customers who have taken the time to leave us reviews about their great experiences with Webex Events (formerly Socio) and our team. We know we couldn’t have done it without you. 

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