Welcome to the Webex Events 2023 Product Updates hub! Discover a year of innovation and enhancements to your event management experience with powerful features and seamless integrations. This countdown video shares the top 5 updates we made to elevate your events.

Throughout this article, we’ve provided both videos and text so you can learn however you prefer. Get started below by clicking the solution you’d like to learn about! 

Organizer Platform Updates 

The Webex Events platform is the management hub event organizers use to build attendee registration, check-in, and Event App experiences that delight, whether your event is in-person, virtual, or hybrid. With a mobile responsive design, the Webex Events platform lets you manage the suite of Webex Events products from your computer, the tablet you carry around while preparing for your event, and the phone in your pocket.

Check out the following updates we made to the organizer experience: 

  • Platform experience redesign:
    All Webex Events products are now connected seamlessly within your event along with an intuitive new menu structure and improved design throughout the platform. Learn more >
  • Unified attendees. Event-level sessions.
    Dynamic statuses and actions are available for all products activated in your Event on the new Attendees page. Robust attendee profiles let you review and edit all attendee information in one place. Groups, questions, Sessions, tracks, and locations all now live at the Event level, allowing ease of use across all Webex Events products. Learn more >


Build beautifully branded registration pages and capture curated attendee data that flows seamlessly into the Webex Events platform. Create truly personalized checkout experiences with dynamic ticketing with instant payouts. Review real-time analytics from a sleek dashboard and track marketing channels with integrations to Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and leading ad platforms. Simplify email campaigns to drive attendance and post-event engagement.

Check out the following updates we made to the registration experience: 

  • Checkout messaging and email customization: Tailor checkout messages and confirmation, cancellation, and refund emails by ticket type, including the From name, Subject line, Reply to email addresses, and content. Customize registration emails with PDF ticket and Web App buttons. App Store and Play Store buttons now automatically link to your Event App’s promo page. Learn more >
  • Checkout form follow-up questions: Streamline and personalize the registration experience by asking targeted follow-up questions that only appear if a registrant’s answer to a previous question matches the criteria you’ve set. Gather valuable information and customize across a wide range of question types. Learn more >
  • Restrict registrations by email domain: Allow only a few domains or block domains to ensure only certain companies register or make sure people register only with work emails, and customize the error message given when registrants try to register with a domain that’s not allowed. Learn more >
  • Registration page and PDF ticket improvements: On your event registration page, add taglines and control whether you show or hide your event type, location, dates, and times. The PDF ticket preview now includes checkboxes that let you show or hide the QR code, event dates, location, description, and checkout confirmation messages shown on the ticket. Learn more >
  • Registration page tracking analytics: Find which marketing campaigns are driving traffic to your event website and boosting registrations. We now support Google Analytics (GA4), Meta Pixel, LinkedIn Insight Tag, and Google Tag Manager analytics tools. Setup is easy! Learn more >
  • Privacy & Consent questions and Privacy Report: The new custom consent question type for checkout forms makes it easier for you to manage attendee data and privacy. The Privacy Report has all the data needed to find out which registrants provided consent or refusal. Learn more >
  • Ticket and Order management enhancements: Choose from three ticket payment options – Stripe, Invoice, and Check. Automatically hide sold-out or unavailable tickets on your Registration page. Share direct ticket links with specific registrants. Easily filter orders by ticket name, type, status, and promo code. Explore even more enhancements in this update! Learn more >

Mobile & Web Event App

Put an amazing event experience in the palm of attendees’ hands. Gather insightful data for informed decisions and enhanced ROI. Advanced networking features foster better connections. Leverage tools like gamification, banner ads, sponsor profiles, and push notifications for heightened sponsor engagement. Tailor experiences by controlling content visibility based on attendee groups. Event metrics empower optimization of your event program, personalized post-event outreach, and increased lead conversion.

Check out the following updates we made to the event app experience: 

  • Speaker and sponsor collaboration forms: Eliminate endless back and forth emails and save precious time by inviting speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors to independently manage their profiles in the Event App. Setting up and managing collaboration is easy! Learn more >
  • Embed event content with widgets: You can now embed Event App content like your agenda, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, and custom lists in external websites. No more manual adding and updating information on multiple websites. Simply create widgets in the Webex Events platform, choose the items you want to include, and add the widget embed code in a website. If you make changes, the widgets update automatically — no code update required! Learn more >
  • Video on Demand Closed Captions & Translations: When you upload a video to Video Center, turn on Captions & Translations to automatically add closed captions and translations in over 30 languages to Simulive and Video on Demand videos. This functionality is completely free — no streaming purchase necessary! Learn more >
  • New Lobby feature: Give virtual and in-person attendees a space to get oriented and informed and drive engagement with your Event App’s most important content, such as Agenda Sessions, speakers, and sponsors. Learn more >
  • Maps feature improvements: We’ve revamped the Maps feature to be more visually appealing, fit with your brand, and help attendees find their way around your event venue as easily as possible. New custom shape options, customizable colors, and pins provide a clean look and interactivity that’s unique to your event space. Have multiple floors or venues? A multi-map list view now let  attendees select the one they want to explore. Learn more >
  • Event App Feature Closed Captions & Translations: Attendees can now activate closed captions in their selected language when watching Video Center uploads in Speakers, Sponsors, Exhibitors, and Custom List items. Learn more >
  • Improved Branded App notification: A new alert icon next to ‘My Apps’ in the platform navigation bar lets you know right away if a Branded App update is available. Learn more >
  • Attendee Privacy & Consent page: A new menu option in the Web App, Webex Events App, and Branded Apps lets attendees review and modify their responses to consent type questions after they complete their ticket purchase. Learn more >

Onsite Check-in & Badge Printing

Simplify on-site event management with on-demand check-in and streamlined badge printing. Craft the branding and privacy experience you want in the advanced badge designer. Seamless session check-in offers versatility to manage access, track real-time attendance, issue continuing education credits, and provide a personalized experience.

Check out the following updates we made to the onsite experience: 

  • New Session Check-in: Onsite Session Check-in gives you flexibility and control to efficiently manage session check-ins and status, enforce group access and capacity limits, track session attendance to award continuing education credits, and guide targeted marketing campaigns based on attendee preferences. Learn more >
  • Add a printer by IP address: Overcome printer connectivity issues by entering the printer’s IP address in the Onsite App. Learn more >


Elevate your event live streaming with Production Studio, an all-in-one solution, fully integrated across the Webex Events platform. Achieve professional broadcast-style experiences using dynamic layouts and production tools. Customize branding with backgrounds, logos, and banners. Engage audiences through real-time chat and polling. Record sessions, automatically upload them to the Video Center for easy access, and repurpose for simulive, on-demand events, or post-event editing and marketing.

Check out the following updates we made to the streaming experience: 

  • New Product – Webex Events Production Studio: Webex Events Production Studio, our built-in broadcasting solution, is user-friendly and customizable with no downloads needed. Brand colors, logos, backgrounds, GIFs, and videos. Engage your audience with real-time chats, Q&A, polls, and Closed Captions in 30+ languages. Share pre-recorded teaser videos, sponsor reels, or entire pre-recorded streams. Drive actions with banners, tickers, and surveys on-the-fly. Learn more >
  • Studio recordings in the Video Center: To integrate more deeply into the Webex Events experience, live stream recordings from the Production Studio are now added to the Video Center automatically. This means that using session recordings for Simulive and Video on Demand content is easier than ever. Learn more >
  • Studio polling integration and network indicator: Polls now appear in the Studio when you activate polling for a Live Stream feature or Agenda Session that’s using Production Studio. Display poll results in the live stream in real time based on attendees’ votes. With our new network indicator, if the network strength or CPU usage changes, a message appears so you can take action if needed. Learn more >
  • GIFs in Production Studio: To help you create a more dynamic and engaging experience for your attendees, you can now upload GIFs to the Production Studio. Use GIFs as logos, images, or backgrounds for a variety of fun branding opportunities. Learn more >
  • Production Studio layout animation: We updated Production Studio layout transitions to seamlessly adjust as you add, arrange, and remove speakers and content to create a visually pleasing effect. Learn more >