We’re excited to roll out several key feature upgrades to the Socio Virtual Platform! 🙌

From seamless integrations with leading live stream providers to multi-device functionality, these feature upgrades are a game changer in the new virtual event world.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the new Socio Virtual Platform features!👇

Live Stream Feature

Virtual Platform feature - Integrations

With Socio’s new Live Stream feature, attendees can easily join the live stream with a single tap of the feature icon. The live stream instantly launches on the user’s mobile device or desktop computer, allowing for optimal video consumption. This feature gives your live stream premium placement within the app! It’s perfect for highlighting a keynote session, or a single streaming link if you’re using one for all of your sessions. As the organizer, you have the option to customize the streaming icon and name. 

Web App Streaming Enhancements

The Socio Web App now integrates with leading live stream providers. When a user taps the “Watch on Desktop” button, it automatically sends the Web App link to the user’s email. Think of it like this — the mobile app is the remote, and the web app becomes the TV. Attendees will love the flexibility to view the live stream on their preferred device. It’s perfect for longer sessions or all-day events, as nobody wants to consume hours of video content while squinting at a mobile device.

Virtual platform feature - watch on desktop

But there’s more: When the user navigates to other features in the web app, the live stream converts to a picture-in-picture and continues playing in the bottom corner. It gives users the freedom to truly experience the event by answering polls, responding to surveys, and networking with other attendees — all within the same window. As a bonus, they’ll be less likely to get distracted as the entire event takes place within the Web App.

virtual platform feature - picture-in-picture

Additionally, the External Links feature now opens outside applications like Slido and Typeform within a single iFrame in the Web App, not a separate tab or browser. That means you can sync multiple applications behind the scenes for a simple, unified experience.

On the mobile side, external links can now open in landscape orientation, so users never have to watch an awkward, vertically aligned video ever again!

Access Live Video Streams and Recordings Directly from the Agenda

Organizers can now embed a “Join Live Stream” button directly in the agenda — for each and every session.

virtual platform feature - agenda

After the session wraps, upload a link to the on-demand recording and the button automatically changes to “View Recording.” It extends the lifecycle of the event and allows attendees to engage with your content on demand. With a virtual event, there’s no hard stop where everybody heads home (their home is the venue). So, take advantage of the opportunity and make it easy for attendees to consume content long after your event concludes.

Smart Time Zones for Virtual Sessions

The new Your Time feature eliminates confusion by simultaneously displaying the event’s local time and the attendee’s local time. Say an attendee in California wants to attend a session that begins at 11am EST, the agenda would show the session starting at 8am PST. It’s a simple-but-effective upgrade, and attendees no longer have to worry about unnecessary time-zone math. 

The Only Event Platform You’ll Ever Need

With Socio, you’ll have everything you need to deliver a fantastic virtual or hybrid experience, and of course pivot back to in-person events down the road.

Want to see these feature updates in action? Request a demo to see for yourself!