At Webex Events, we love launching new features that make your experience easier, and we know that juggling multiple platforms to share a pre-recorded video during a live event takes time and complicates your workflow. 

The ability to add pre-recorded content to your live event directly from your event management platform can be a game-changer for event professionals. It not only makes your events easier to manage, but also helps you engage your audience with even more dynamic and exciting content. 

Picture it. Instead of having your speaker immediately start when your event begins, engage your audience with an upbeat video or take the opportunity to show a sponsor ad.  

The possibilities are endless! And that’s why we’re excited to share how Webex Events’ new Video Center for Simulive and Video on Demand will enhance the recorded content experience for you! 

Using Simulive and Video on Demand to enhance your live event

Simulive is pre-recorded video content that you can play at any time during your live event. It acts just like live video streaming, and your audience might not even realize it isn’t live unless you tell them. For example, if the Streaming Time is 2 pm and an attendee joins the live stream at 2:05 pm, they will see the same part of the recording as the other attendees, just as they would if they were walking in late for an in-person session.  

The concept is simple, but the impact is huge! By pre-recording content and presenting it as if it were live, you can: 

  • Up your production value with polished, high-quality video 
  • Free yourself up to spend time answering questions and engaging in the chat 
  • Present content from speakers who may have scheduling conflicts 
  • Show a sponsored video clip before your stream starts 
  • Avoid technical difficulties when demoing a product or solution 

Video on Demand is pre-recorded video that’s available at any time — attendees can access it at their leisure. Use it to keep them engaged even after your event ends by sharing videos in your Webex Events Communites, speaker profiles, and custom lists.  

Your sponsors, exhibitors and speakers are an important part of your event, and video is a great way to share more information and promote them. That’s why we’ve made Video on Demand available in Sponsor, Exhibitor and Speaker profiles.  

After adding a sponsor profile to the Sponsors feature, you can choose a previously uploaded video file to embed in the sponsor profile. When an attendee clicks on a Sponsor profile in the Web App they’ll see the chosen video as well as the sponsored content on their screen.   

With Webex Events, you can use Simulive and Video on Demand in both your live events and agenda sessions for easy access to recordings. 

For an in-depth walkthrough of Simulive and Video on Demand, check out this helpful article from Webex Events’ Knowledge Base!

Upload pre-recorded content to Video Center

Uploading your video content for Simulive and Video on Demand has never been easier. Once you publish your event in the Webex Events platform, you will see a new section called Video Center in the Event App banner. From there, uploading videos is easy. Simply select the file you want to upload, give it a title, click Upload, and you’ll immediately see the video in your queue. We’ve even included a Status column, so you’ll never have to second-guess if your upload is in progress or ready to use.   

With the new Video Center, you can import an unlimited number of video files up to 8GB per file with no length restrictions, making the creative possibilities endless! 

Use video metrics to make your future events even better

Understanding information about your Simulive viewers, like how many people watched your video and how long they watched, can be just as insightful as understanding your live stream viewers. With Webex Events Simulive, you get the same data you would with Webex Events Streaming and the Webex Events RTMP player.  

Use metrics such as number of unique users, number of social shares, and total engagement to learn more about what excites your audience and how they interact with your content.   

Maybe your audience spent more time watching your Simulive content than your live content, so for your next event you spend more time on pre-recorded videos. Or maybe your audience was more active in the chat while your Simulive video was playing, so for your next event you use Simulive to prompt users to participate in certain chat topics. 

With Simulive, you also get access to Video Analytics, which is beneficial for anyone offering Continuing Education (CE) credits for participation in your live event or community activities. With this feature, you’ll be able to see exactly who watched your video and for how long so you can make sure their participation meets the criteria to receive credit.  

The benefits of Webex Events don’t stop once your live event ends. Every time you host an event and review your event’s data, you’ll have the information you need to make your next event even better.  

Enjoy the benefits of Webex Events Simulive and Video on Demand

Adding pre-recorded videos into your live events means you can spend less time worrying on the day of the event and more time preparing engaging video content to share with your viewers.  

Interested in learning more about how Webex Events’ new Video Center can simplify your workflow? Check out our on-demand webinar, New Year, New Event Tech.  

Ready to get started creating and uploading videos to enhance your next live event? Schedule a personalized demo today.