Some aspects of in-person events often prove difficult to replicate in a virtual event setting — most notably, the ability to offer meaningful connection and networking opportunities. We know people attend events primarily to network and connect with industry peers, yet the event community struggles to create robust networking opportunities in a virtual or hybrid setting.

But it’s not just attendees who miss the human connection. Sponsors also long for the days of engaging with individual attendees as they wander through the exhibition hall. 

To bring human, face-to-face connection to virtual and hybrid events, Socio is excited to announce Video Rooms — a customizable feature that enables live video chat to power meaningful networking and sponsorship capabilities.

Launch Multiple Video Rooms with Ease

Organizers who want advanced networking tools often have to integrate software into their event management platform, or send attendees to a separate app, which often creates a clunky user experience. 

Socio’s native Video Rooms feature not only enhances networking and connections, it keeps attendees within the event ecosystem, fostering a more seamless user experience.

Video Rooms for All!

There’s no limit to the number of Video Rooms for any specific event. Video Rooms are included with Socio’s Virtual Suite at no additional charge for up to 13 attendees and three moderators per Room, creating a more intimate setting for meaningful conversations. (You can increase Room capacity for an additional fee)

Segmenting Access to Video Rooms

From the Video Rooms feature, attendees can browse a list of available rooms. As the organizer, you can enable or disable rooms, or have different Video Room compilations available only to certain attendee groups you specify during the registration process.  

For example, you can create a cluster of Video Rooms only visible to your VIP ticket holders (like meet-and-greets with a keynote speaker), or have “Birds of a Feather” networking rooms that are only visible to certain segments (defined using a Socio “Group”).

Interact within Each Video Room 

Once in a video room, attendees can communicate via live video and/or audio, utilize Socio’s chat (and see the full chat history of attendees who previously joined the group), and add each other as connections without leaving the room or platform. Attendees who join a room from the Socio Web App can share their screens.

Socio Video Rooms with chat

Video Room Moderation 

Organizers have the option to turn group moderation on or off at any time, or allow attendees to assume moderation duties. Moderators even have the option to bounce group members, block members for a set amount of time (or some all future events), and remove any problematic text from the chat history. 

Video Room Real-time Metrics

At any point during the event, organizers can view usage metrics for the Video Rooms — including the number of clicks and chats — and also see how the utilization stacks up against other event features on the features comparison dashboard. Following a group session, the organizer can export the chat feed and attendee list, which organizers can share with sponsors to demonstrate ROI or use to better optimize future virtual and hybrid events.

Video Rooms Offer Endless Possibilities

Organizers can use the Video Rooms feature to enhance several aspects of virtual and hybrid event design. Consider some of the ways Socio’s Video Rooms feature powers next-level networking, engagement, and sponsorship offerings. 

Sponsor Video Rooms and Packages: 

Video Rooms provide the perfect opportunity to intimately connect attendees with sponsors. Vendors can sponsor a room, provide product demos, show commercials, announce new products and features, engage in focus groups, and so much more.

For example, consider how the Socio Video Rooms feature supports the following tiered sponsor packages: 

  • Platinum package: Two Video Rooms, which could be an intimate roundtable discussion or product demo with a small group of loyal customers, plus two pre-recorded video commercials, three sponsor banners, live chat with group attendees, and post-event metrics on group engagement.
  • Gold package: One Video Room, plus a pre-recorded commercial, live chat with room attendees, and two banners.
  • Silver package: One Video Room, a product mention and one banner.

Attendee Group Video Rooms: 

Organizers who utilize Socio’s groups feature for registration can make specific Video Rooms available to predetermined attendee groups. For example, say your event has an executive track, a management track, and a general attendee track. You can link Video Room clusters to an attendee group, so attendees only see the rooms associated with their ticketing group.

Topic-Based Video Rooms: 

Allow attendees to connect over their shared interests. Create Video Rooms around different topics related to your industry, or simply design rooms to bring people together over fun topics like favorite genres of music, food, sports teams — really the sky’s the limit. As the organizer, consider asking questions during registration, or send a pre-event survey to poll attendees on their interests.

Location-Based Video Rooms: 

Do you have a large association with members spread out across multiple states or countries? Consider segmenting Video Rooms by location, so members can network with others from their local area and in their native language.

Breakout Discussion Video Rooms: 

Large breakout sessions easily become unmanageable, especially without moderation. Allow your attendees to get the most out of each session by keeping them intimate and manageable. Paired with session chat, attendees who feel uncomfortable speaking can still engage with the group via the chat feature.

Celebrity or VIP Video Rooms: 

Have a celebrity or top-tier speaker? Offer the opportunity for attendees to meet their favorite TV star or celebrity chef in a small-group setting. Even better: Use it as an upsell opportunity to boost revenue.

Video Rooms for Speakers: 

Every event needs a green room for the speakers, entertainment, the A/V team, and your event staff to keep in sync. 

Backchannel Video Rooms for Event Staff: 

Internal communication is paramount to executing a successful event, especially for virtual and hybrid events where the event team may be spread out all over the world. Provide a forum for your event team to chat and respond to problems and other issues in real time.

Interview Video Rooms: 

Take advantage of having your industry’s best and brightest all in one place by hosting interview rooms at your next event. 

Power Meaningful Connections at Your Next Event

Remember: Attendees want to network, and sponsors desperately crave meaningful connection with their core attendee base. And with the right event technology, you can accomplish both — even in a virtual or hybrid setting.

To see how Socio’s Video Rooms feature promotes human connection and optimizes attendee networking and sponsorship engagement, reach out to schedule a personalized demo.