Events are powerful, and we know they work. Few marketing channels allow for the same level of engagement, brand immersion, and trust that events offer.

While event organizers and sponsors have long recognized the many benefits of events, proving event ROI has always been challenging. With 24% of the typical marketing budget going toward events, we firmly believe that events can, should, and will be as measurable, optimizable, and repeatable as the rest of the marketing stack.

Sure, there are tangible event metrics – like the number of booked meetings or captured leads – but you can’t really quantify a sponsor banner hanging in a conference room. What about networking? Your virtual event might feel lively and engaging, but are attendees truly making meaningful connections? Without data, you can only guess. And you can’t optimize what you can’t measure.

Event management platforms typically offer some degree of post-event data. While valuable for enhancing future events, it’s not helpful in the moment. As an event organizer, you need to know immediately if your sponsors lack engagement, or your networking efforts are falling flat.

Our customers consistently seek more data and insights, and today I’m happy to announce Socio’s end-to-end event management platform now comes equipped with the most comprehensive reporting in the event industry.

Socio’s Data Dashboard provides a 360-degree view of event data and metrics. Instead of seeing overall impressions for a sponsor banner, you can quickly view all attendees (along with their contact information) who engaged with the promotion. The same goes for networking and engagement. Our Data Dashboard records each and every user action, offering deep insights down to the attendee level.

Let’s take a closer look and explore some of the most exciting features of Socio’s Data Dashboard.

High-Level Event Analytics

From a high-level overview, the Dashboard displays total attendee engagement and user contributions – including the number of social shares and attendee messages, minutes open, and total platform users. To drill down further, you can sort the data by day, week, or month, and see attendee logins by device, broken out by operating system. 

The Dashboard includes push notifications as an overlay in the metrics report, so you can see precisely how each notification directly influences behavior. If you notice a spike or dip in attendee engagement coinciding with a push notification, it’s a leading indicator of the notification’s effectiveness. This data not only provides valuable insights in the moment, you’ll gain a stronger understanding of how to best drive future behaviors.

Attendee Timeline View

The Dashboard includes a timeline view showing user-specific actions within the event platform to help organizers better understand the attendee journey at a granular level. You can export data at the individual attendee level and filter by four categories, including:

  • Account Activity: View account-level data on user logins by device, including profile creation, updates, and more
  • Connections: Shows data on attendee connections, profile views, and more.
  • Messages: Data focuses on attendee-to-attendee networking, including if a meeting was proposed, accepted, or rejected.
  • Event Activity: Includes data on features an attendee clicked on or favorited, wall posts, session views and replays, attendee-to-sponsor engagement, and more.

Sponsor Metrics and Insights

With Socio’s Data Dashboard, your sponsors can also gain a deeper understanding of how attendees engage with their content and promotions. The Data Dashboard lists all sponsor banners and shows the total number of user clicks and views. You can click into individual banners and see the full user profile of each attendee who engaged with the banner, including their contact information and social media handles. Talk about lead generation!

You can also view metrics showing whether an attendee favorited a sponsor profile, booked a meeting, requested a follow-up call, or engaged with a sponsored push notification.

With the pivot to virtual events, we’ve heard how some vendors feel uncomfortable sponsoring virtual and hybrid events because they fear they won’t recoup their ROI. Without data, it’s easy to see why. Socio’s Data Dashboard removes the guesswork, and you’ll get hard data to prove sponsor ROI.

Social Activity

When it comes to attendee-to-attendee metrics, the Data Dashboard provides valuable insights on engagement, networking, and other social actions. The Dashboard displays overall profile views, the number of new connections made, posts on the platform’s social wall, total conversations, the number of proposed meetings, and the average of each user’s social activity.

We know networking is the No. 1 reason people attend events. By capturing all of these social actions, you’ll gain a clear understanding of your networking and engagement efforts, down to the attendee level.

Game and Challenge Metrics

Gamification is a great way to drive attendee engagement for what matters most for your events, like driving traffic to your top sponsor’s website or booth, or increasing participation in the event survey. The dashboard provides a high-level overview of aggregated data, showing the number of challenges, active participants, total points, and average points per user.

The game leaderboard showcases the top performers based on overall points. You can promote the leaderboard throughout your event to spark competition and drive engagement further. While a fun prize from your premier sponsor, or cool swag from your event will go a long way, we’ve seen the competition heat up simply with recognition as the motivator.

Features + Content Comparison Dashboard

The Feature Comparison Dashboard displays all platform features in a single, easy-to-read snapshot. It takes the guesswork out of event success, so organizers can see what resonates in real time. You can view total views and clicks, and dive deeper into individual features for more granular metrics. 

For example, the Agenda feature includes session-specific data like clicks, the number of attendees who added the session to their personal agendas, live stream views, chat and Q&A data, and even the number of attendees who viewed the session recording. By clicking on an individual metric, you’ll see a list of all attendees who clicked on or viewed each feature. 

With the Feature Comparison Dashboard, you can quickly find answers to questions, such as:

  • What is resonating?
  • Which sessions are most popular?
  • Which features receive little attention?
  • Which sponsors have the highest engagement?
  • Are more attendees using their smartphones or computers?
  • And much more

Real-Time Reporting

With Socio’s Data Dashboard, you have the option to download all of the rich event data with the click of a button. Send detailed reports to your supervisor, share findings with your team, and help your sponsors see the return on their investment. 

See Socio’s Data Dashboard in Action

Socio’s Data Dashboard provides the most robust analytics solution in the industry, taking the guesswork out of what’s working, and what’s not. 

But simply having convenient access to event data is only the beginning. I’m most excited to see how organizers dissect their event metrics and make actionable, data-driven decisions to optimize their virtual, hybrid, and in-person events. At the end of the day, we can only improve what we can measure.

If you’d like to see Socio’s Data Dashboard in action, reach out to request a demo!