Socio leads the event industry with RTMP capabilities.

INDIANAPOLIS, September 10, 2020 — Today, Socio announced the release of its new RTMP Player and Session Chat, giving event organizers best-in-class streaming tools for virtual and hybrid events.

Since the sudden pivot to virtual events in March, the industry has struggled with the limitations of streaming platforms that were never intended for hosting events. With in-person gatherings on hold for the foreseeable future and the growing belief that hybrid events will become commonplace after governments lift COVID restrictions, event organizers are increasingly searching for technology solutions to upgrade virtual-event quality.

“The industry found out the hard way that many of the video streaming services were built for meetings, not events,” said Yarkin Sakucoglu, Socio CEO and Co-Founder. “Zoom might have sufficed at the beginning of COVID, mainly due to necessity, but it simply doesn’t compare to the professional A/V services organizers relied on for in-person events. RTMP gives event organizers total flexibility over their streaming capabilities, instead of being forced into a mediocre solution. I’m proud that Socio is leading the industry on RTMP.”

RTMP significantly expands the streaming options event organizers can broadcast through the Socio Platform. Organizers can utilize any streaming service that supports RTMP, or hire an agency or audio-visual company for professionally produced, TV-quality video.

Using RTMP, production teams can film in separate locations, connect multiple speakers, and incorporate graphics, overlays, and branding. RTMP also opens the door for additional sponsorship opportunities as organizers can weave in sponsor commercials, branded banners, transitions, and other promotional materials.

Because RTMP is more stable than many of the streaming alternatives, event organizers can confidently stream in HD to small groups, or tens of thousands of people without disruption.

“RTMP will become even more essential as we transition to hybrid events in the coming months,” Sakucoglu said. “It’s one of the only ways to realistically sync multiple cameras and locations, which will be key to producing an engaging experience for the in-person and virtual audiences. The organizers who invest in RTMP now will be hybrid-ready, so think of it as a future-proof solution.”

In addition to launching the RTMP Player, Socio also released a new Session Chat feature that lives in the same screen as each individual live stream so attendees can participate in the chat without navigating to another window.

Event organizers can use RTMP to broadcast their preferred streaming option, yet still pair it with Session Chat for a seamless attendee experience. Post-event, organizers can download the chat logs to follow up with attendees, or for lead generation. Attendees who view the event on-demand will be able to see the original chat logs for a more engaging experience.

Socio’s end-to-end event management platform is backed by a world-class NPS score of 77, an award-winning customer success team with an average response time of 15 minutes or less, and the premium Orange Glove Service offering that places a dedicated Socio representative within a client’s event team to help design, build, and execute their events. 

Headquartered in Indianapolis, and with global offices in San Francisco and Istanbul, Socio’s customers include Google, Microsoft, PepsiCo, Comcast, Pinterest, The National Institutes of Health, and Harvard University, along with other major enterprises, member-based associations, and event organizers. 


About Socio: Socio is an event technology platform built for live, hybrid, and virtual events. The end-to-end system includes event registration, an interactive mobile event app, community platform, full virtual event suite, Orange Glove Service, lead retrieval, and live display. The Socio platform uses drag-and-drop technology that makes it simple for organizers to customize a branded experience that attendees love.