One of the benefits of a virtual event is the ability to expand the reach to new audiences while simultaneously improving accessibility and inclusivity for all attendees. The common capabilities that make this possible, like closed captions and translations, are often difficult and costly to bring to in-person or hybrid events.  

Now, as we return to in-person events, Webex Events will be providing event professionals and marketers with a new tool to break down language barriers and open event participation to a more diverse and global audience – all from within the Webex Events platform. 

Coming soon, event attendees will be able to use the Webex Events mobile app to hear a live speaker translated into another language in real time.  

Real-time audio translation without all the fuss 

Historically, organizers would solve this by providing attendees with physical headsets that enabled them to listen to event speakers in their chosen language, with dozens of translators working behind the scenes across the event.  

Now, incorporating real-time audio translation into your events will help save time and resources while providing a seamless, more inclusive experience for all attendees.  

Real-time audio translation in the Webex Events mobile app can automatically translate a speaker or presenter into that attendee’s preferred language – all on their own personal mobile device, no matter where they are.  

Whether watching a keynote in person or tuning in virtually to a live stream, every attendee can have the ability to experience and understand the event exactly as intended.  

Easily expand the inclusivity and reach of your event while eliminating the need for costly translators, hardware, and overhead costs. Webex Events real-time audio translations will be available in over 30+ commonly-used languages, such as Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish – with more on the way! What’s more, audio translations tap into the same AI technology that powers caption translation in Webex Meetings and Webinars, ensuring reliability and accuracy for the listener.  

Powering a more inclusive future for events 

For event planners, powering events with audio translation can immediately transform any live session.  

For event-goers, it’s as easy to translate audio as it is to turn on closed caption translation. During a live session, they will simply open Settings and select Audio Translations, then choose their preferred language for the audio stream.  

As you return to hosting in-person events, provide inclusive event experiences for attendees, no matter what language they speak.