Digital transformation has set a high bar in recent years, and attendees expect top-notch event production and interactive technology at events to justify their investment of both money and time. For event planners, this calls for incorporating the right event technologies in their in-person or hybrid event planning. 

We recently hosted “New Year, New Event Tech,” a virtual event aimed at showing event professionals how new product features from Webex Events (formerly Socio) can transform their events into next-level experiences through: 

  • Event and attendee personalization 
  • Elevated attendee (and planner) experiences 
  • New and exciting event tech  

We talked about all of the changes the events industry has faced and the exciting new developments Webex Events has introduced over the last few months to meet your needs and the needs of your attendees.  

Our host, Lisa Vogel, Senior Field and Event Marketing Leader at Webex Events also sat down with colleagues and industry experts to talk about what is on the horizon for this industry as it continues to grow and change. 

Let’s take a look at everything we covered:  

New features and improvements from Webex Events Tech to get to know 

After the rise of virtual events with the pandemic, our data shows that in-person events made their comeback in April of 2022, beating out the number of virtual events, and we’ve seen more hybrid events than virtual events each month since May of 2022. 

We’ve also seen much higher attendee expectations when it comes to event production value, interactivity, and seamlessness.

During the event, Webex Events Manager of Customer Experience, Kara Gladish, outlined some of the top features and improvements that Webex Events launched in 2022, including: 


Our Video-on-Demand feature lets you import unlimited videos up to 8 GB each, eliminating the need for a separate video host. Use imported videos in your agenda, live streams, and as embedded content or through sponsors and speakers.  


Simulive offers the production value and flexibility you need for hybrid and virtual events. Simply select a video file, set the stream date and time, and let the magic happen. Simulive allows attendees to watch pre-recorded videos at their convenience. Plus, with closed captions and translations in over 30 languages at no extra cost, your livestreams are accessible to all.  

Learn more about Simulive.  

Onsite check-in and badge printing 

Our onsite check-in and badge printing solution is a key component in our mission to provide an end-to-end event management platform that is both powerful and simple to use. With customizable options and several enhancements, including a data dashboard for easy access to key metrics, this product is designed to delight organizers and attendees alike.  
Learn more about check-in and badge printing.  

Lead retrieval 

Capture leads with enriched data using our seamless lead retrieval system. Exhibitors can scan attendees and QR codes using their own mobile devices, making it easier than ever to gather valuable information. With upgrades in 2022, including a direct purchase form for exhibitors linked to a Stripe account, lead retrieval has never been more convenient. Once the form is completed and payment is made, exhibitors can start using the lead retrieval app immediately. 

Learn more about lead retrieval.  

Custom tab, chat, Q&A, and polling  

Our custom tab, chat, Q&A, and polling tools provide a flexible way to engage your attendees. With embeddable, mobile responsive tools like whiteboards, brainstorming surveys, and forms, it’s easy and fun for attendees to participate. And, of course, we love using Slido, a powerful polling and Q&A tool that bridges the gap between in-person and virtual attendees.  

Learn more about engagement tools.  

Enterprise-grade security  

Our commitment to security is evident with our ISO 27,001 certification and SOC 2 Type II and SOC 3 reports. We are also CSA STAR Level 1 certified. Our global reach is evident with the addition of nine languages in 2022, bringing the total number of supported languages to 35 for a seamless attendee experience. 

Learn more about Webex Events security.  

Registration translation 

Select from 35 default languages or enable machine translation for attendees to choose their preferred language for the registration page. Our knowledge base, including guides and best practices, has also been translated into 26 languages. 

Learn more about registration. 

What’s on the horizon for Webex Events  

As the Director of Product Design for Webex Events, Cheryl Couris knows just how important it is to host an amazing event. With endless opportunities to engage and delight audiences of any size, Webex Events is the simple solution you need to create memorable customer experiences that will engage your audience and drive more leads, ROI, and amazing results. 

Here’s everything Cheryl covered in the “What’s on the horizon” portion of the event:  

Platform redesign  

Webex Events is thrilled to announce a simplified platform user experience for event organizers. The new, seamless flow has trimmed down the number of steps required to get up and running, and everything can be managed right from the brand-new event overview page. The navigation has been updated into a single, unified sidebar with expandable sub-menus, and features can be activated as easily as before, making it simple to build an incredible event. 

Conditional logic for Registration  

One of our most highly requested features, the new conditional logic for registration allows for even deeper customization and unique ticketing experiences. The new dynamic registration forms can be personalized based on things like ticket type or attendee segmentation, and the data and insights continue to flow seamlessly into the platform for real-time action. 

Onsite metrics monitoring  

Measuring the success of in-person events is critical, and the new onsite metrics dashboard gives a deep review of your in-person event success, from check-in to badge printing, customized for whatever matters most to you. 

Lobby experience  

The all-new lobby experience welcomes attendees into a thoughtfully curated experience that gets them excited about your content, confident they’re in the right place and inspired by what’s to come. This allows event organizers to personalize the way they welcome attendees to their event. 

Customizable content widgets  

Webex Events will soon be launching customizable content widgets, which will allow you to take pre-built elements from the platform and embed them directly into your event website. This streamlines and simplifies your workflow, ensuring that the most up-to-date event information is displayed correctly everywhere, at all times. 

Livestream production studio  

Webex Events has built a reliable, innovative, and customizable livestream production studio that simplifies your workflow and allows you to focus on other aspects of your event. With the ability to brand your streaming content with themes, backgrounds, overlays, and your event logo, the studio gives you high-quality and professional-looking events without a full production team. 

Want to learn more about our most recent product updates? Check out our blog, New year, new exciting updates from Webex Events.

Key takeaways from our panel discussion 

As technology continues to shape the way we live and work, the events industry is no exception. After a lively DJ Graffiti break, a panel of industry experts, led by Christina Torok, Product Marketing Manager at Webex Events, came together to discuss the latest trends and innovations in event technology. 

Here are some of the key takeaways from our panelists:  

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword 

One hot topic that was discussed was sustainability. Tyler Blocker, a Customer Success Manager at Webex Events, emphasized the importance of reducing waste and promoting eco-friendliness in events. This can be achieved through various means such as digitizing paper badges and avoiding the use of paper presentation boards.  

You have to unify the attendee experience 

Nolan Ether, Senior Content Marketing Leader at Webex Events, highlighted the need for a unified customer experience. He predicted that over the next few years, event technology will bring together virtual and in-person events to create a seamless experience for customers. This will require a platform that can support communities and virtual events, as well as large in-person events. He also predicted that there will be consolidation in the event tech space, as event planners look for a single, end-to-end solution that provides a 360-degree view of the attendee journey.  

Nolan pointed out that the use of event technology is reflective of the larger trend of digital transformation in all aspects of our lives. Events are no exception, and event planners are realizing that they need to embrace digital elements to reach a wider audience. Hybrid events are becoming the expectation, and event technology is the key to providing a seamless digital experience for attendees. This includes giving them access to information, networking opportunities, and other tools in a modern and accessible way. 

Simplified event planning is the future 

Cheryl Couris, Director of Product Design at Webex Events, emphasized the importance of technology in simplifying the event planning process. Gone are the days when event organizers have to manage multiple apps and vendors. Instead, technology now brings everything together, making event planning easier and more efficient. From building and previewing an event to real-time analytics, all capabilities are now in one place, making it easier for organizers to plan and execute events. 

Attendee expectations are high and engagement is just as important as ever

Travis Frye, a Product Manager at Webex Events, spoke about the high expectations of attendees and their craving for real and memorable experiences. He predicts that event organizers will be more intentional in creating these experiences and will continue to utilize augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and other technologies to make a big impact. As a result of these investments, events will continue to use technology for digital community building throughout the year to keep the energy and positive momentum going. 

Tyler also emphasized that event technology plays a huge role in making events more fun and engaging for attendees. With the bar raised for attendee engagement, event technology provides a way to add unique experiences to an event, such as event games or live music performances. Not only does this technology make these experiences possible, but it also makes it easier for event planners to handle changes on the fly and keep attendees informed with real-time updates and notifications. 

You can maximize impact with event tech while on a budget 

Cheryl Couris stressed the importance of using technology to enhance events in a meaningful way. The right event tech can help event organizers host amazing events, even with a small budget or team. Plus, it can be customized for the brand and the onsite experience, which can be personalized for attendees, sponsors, and speakers. With this level of customization, event organizers can create a truly meaningful experience for all involved. 

You should be utilizing data for better post-event decisions 

Tyler expanded on Cheryl’s thoughts by diving into the data that is now available to event planners. Event planners now have access to a wealth of data from their virtual event platform, registration, and lead retrieval. This data can help you make informed decisions about the success of an event and plan how to improve future events. 

Nolan also added that access to real-time data and dashboards is a game changer for event planners. With the right tools, event planners can monitor attendance, movement around the venue, and other key metrics in real time. This information can be used to adjust the event on the fly, ensuring that attendees have the best possible experience. It can also be used during a retrospective to evaluate the success of your event and make improvements for future events. 

Tyler also addressed the common misconception that event technology is difficult to use. While it may require some learning, an event platform like Webex Events is extremely user-friendly and even fun to use. 

Event technology is a powerful tool for event organizers, and it’s clear from the insights of Cheryl and Tyler that event tech can have a major impact on events, even with limited resources. Whether you’re looking to personalize your event or utilize data for better post-event decisions, event tech has a lot to offer. So don’t let misconceptions hold you back – with its ease of use and customization capabilities, event tech can help you host a seamless, meaningful event that your attendees will never forget! 

Technology is a great way to create more inclusive environments 

Technology has become an integral part of in-person events, and for good reason. Not only does it enhance the overall experience of the event, but it also helps to create a more inclusive environment for attendees.  

One of the first things that comes to mind when discussing the importance of technology for in-person events is how it helps to create more inclusive environments for attendees. This was a point highlighted by Travis Frye, who noted the value of captions and translations in video content. With event tech like Webex Events, it’s easy for planners to turn on captions and translations, ensuring that all attendees can follow along in real time.  

Webex Events tech updates are industry game-changers 

When asked about the most impactful technology feature for in-person events, Cheryl shared her thoughts on the dynamic live display. She mentioned how customers are using this feature to create beautiful, customizable displays that are responsive on any screen. These displays help to increase attendee engagement, and the best part is that there’s no hardware to buy or app to download. The ability to customize these displays on the fly during the event has been a game-changer and will continue to be impactful in the years to come. 

Nolan also talked about the impact of the studio on event planning. The ability to produce high-quality content using a single platform is a game changer for small event teams and planners who may not have the internal creative capabilities to create a complex and highly-produced event. With the new Webex Events studio, event teams can easily create engaging and professional-looking content, improving the overall quality of their events. 

The future of events in 2023 

Technology will play a crucial role in shaping the future of events in 2023 and beyond. From making event planning easier to providing attendees with memorable experiences, technology will continue to drive innovation in the events industry.  

We are excited to see where the use of technology in events will go in the coming years and how it will continue to enhance attendee experiences. We can’t wait to be a part of the transformation!