Event professionals know how important it is to connect attendees and sponsors through live brand experiences. One of the best ways to do this, especially if you’ve invested in an event app, is with Live Display software.

The power of immersing your attendees in a live branded experience—also known as experiential marketing—can’t be ignored. According to Event Marketer, 72% of consumers say they positively view brands that provide quality event content and experiences.

Live Display software helps you create a more immersive feel by letting you inform and engage attendees through the event’s screens. You can brand Live Display, update it in real time, and give your sponsors more visibility with it.

Live Display even amplifies content from your event app to create a bigger, more impactful brand experience.

What Is Live Display Software?

Live Display lets event professionals put dynamic, branded content on venue screens. That includes the monitors, projectors, HDTVs, and other displays connected to the event space.

Live Display large wall monitor

The biggest difference between Live Display software and other presentation software is how dynamic and adaptive it is. Instead of rotating through the same predefined slides, Live Display engages attendees with custom content that updates in real time. That could include:

  • A social wall that displays posts pulled from your event app.
  • Game leaderboards that stir excitement for event challenges.
  • Announcements that inform everyone about important updates.

And much more. Here’s a deeper look at how you can use Live Display software to make conferences, trade shows, and other events more memorable and engaging.

4 Ways Live Display Software Amplifies Brand Experience at Your Events

1. Attendees Feel More Excited to Engage With Your Brand

Creating unique, memorable brand experiences is a priority for most organizers. Live Display pushes things further by 1) amplifying attendees’ voice at the event, and 2) visually connecting everyone at the event for a shared experience.

A social wall, for example, gives attendees a place to post the best swag they’ve gotten from exhibitors, how excited they are to hear an industry hero speak, and more. Between posts, organizers can engage attendees with polls, Q&As, and surveys.

Throughout all of this, Live Display continues reinforcing your brand as your colors, custom content, and event logo surface on each screen.

2. Event Gamification Gets More Competitive & Fun

Event gamification is one of the most powerful ways to energize the room, and Live Display makes the results even more electric. It inspires friendly competition by displaying leaderboards everyone can see.

Live Display gamification leaderboard

Like the social wall, leaderboards do more than show activity. They also highlight the people at your event who are engaging and creating influence, such as showing who the most active networkers are. That sparks a desire within attendees to find and connect with others who might offer valuable relationships.

Live Display software elevates even basic drawings and giveaways, too. With a click, you can spin every attendees’ name on every screen in the venue.

3. Sponsors & Exhibitors Get Better Exposure 

Live Display also helps your brand and your sponsors’ brands work together. The more immersive the event experience, the more likely attendees will remember your sponsors’ and exhibitors’ as part of it.

You can even use Live Display software to drive attendees directly to your sponsors and exhibitors. Booth visits, for instance, can be turned into challenges. Attendees can retrieve a code that awards points toward a game, driving more activity to the leaderboard.

And of course, each screen in the venue becomes one more place to surface your sponsors’ and exhibitors’ logos. Special galleries, for example, can showcase your top sponsors (yes, you can monetize that).

4. Real-Time Updates Keep Attendees Engaged 

Last-minute changes are inevitable. That’s probably why per EventMB, 100% of event organizers agree that real-time agenda information is a critical app feature.

Like providing a smooth event check-in experience, handling last-minute changes smoothly reinforces attendees’ confidence in your brand. Live Display software helps you take advantage of that by helping you engage and inform everyone without interrupting anyone.

Live Display schedule gallery

Live Display’s real-time updates make behind-the-scenes hiccups look like part of the show. Room switch? Edit, preview, and publish the change in moments. Add an exciting name to the next panel? Inform without interrupting by issuing a visual alert. Need to share a smaller announcement? Put in the news ticker.

And no matter what updates you make, Live Display keeps a custom look by automatically adapting your content to every screen, no matter the size or orientation.

Live Display banner