Whether adhering to capacity restrictions, ensuring safety and access controls, or recording attendance to award continuing education credits (CEUs), event organizers need the ability to track attendance during event sessions. 

We’re happy to introduce the Webex Events Session Check-in feature, giving event planners the ability to do all of the above and more. 

This newest product launch enables event organizers to check attendees in and out of sessions in order to:

  • Award CEUs
  • Tailor follow-up communications with session attendees
  • Allow or deny attendee access to a session
  • Track the popularity of sessions
  • Track and manage swag or food distribution

Learn more about how this easy-to-use new feature enhances the event experience for attendees and reduces the burden for event organizers. 

The power of Session Check-in: Stay informed and maintain control

Session Check-in empowers event organizers with a smooth and efficient attendance recording process.

Attendance tracking

With Webex Events Session Check-in, event organizers gain the ability to track and manage session attendance during their events, which is crucial for awarding CEUs and ensuring the right attendees are present.

During busy check-ins when the planner can’t afford to step away, they can change a check-in status right from their phones if a mistake occurs.

Accurately tracking attendance at each session lets the event organizer or session host to tailor post-event communication to session attendees. They may send a thank you email, survey, or additional resources related to the session content.

Access control and security

Sometimes event organizers need to set access control on specific sessions due to venue capacity restrictions or the level of badge an individual purchased. Webex Events Session Check-in provides planners with access control functionality to ensure attendees can only access sessions they’re authorized to attend and prevent unauthorized access or accidental entry. 

The planner sets access control based on “tracks” or “personal agenda.” Under tracks, attendees are permitted access based on their specified event track, which often coincides with their badge level. With personal agenda settings, only attendees who added the session to their agenda or were assigned the session via the Webex Events Preset Agendas feature are permitted to attend. If a scanned attendee is not permitted to enter the session, the application will pause and display a warning, allowing the user to take appropriate actions. 

Real-time analytics and insights

Webex Events Session Check-in provides event planners with real-time information on attendee check-in statuses. They can view the list of attendees who have checked in, track their check-in history, and make changes to check-in statuses directly from their mobile devices. This feature helps planners stay updated and address any issues or mistakes promptly.

Pro tip: Organizers can also create hidden “sessions” for food distribution and swag pickup. This turns Session Check-in into an inventory and efficiency tracker.

Leverage mobile features for a seamless check-in

The Webex Events Session Check-in feature is available within the same iOS application event planners already use for On-site Badge Printing, creating a unified experience. Planners can conveniently check attendees in to sessions using their iPhone or iPad by simply selecting the session they want to perform check-in for, then scanning attendee QR codes as they enter. 

If the attendee doesn’t have their badge, organizers can search for and check them in by name, email, company, or title. This flexibility enhances the check-in process and improves overall efficiency.

Empower planners with control and customization

Complementary features on the Webex Events platform allow users to tailor the session check-in experience to benefit both event planners and event attendees. 

Locking sessions and kiosk mode

Sometimes event organizers want to allow attendees to check themselves in to a session, or they may hire contractors to facilitate session check-in. The inclusion of a kiosk mode gives event planners full control over the attendee check-in experience. Organizers can lock specific devices to certain sessions, enabling self-check-in for attendees and limiting access to contractors, so they only see what they need.

Locking each device to only specific sessions ensures attendees and staff can only access what’s relevant to them. Session-specific control over attendance counts, attendee profiles, and session description visibility and check-in mode switch between check-in and check-out gives organizers fine control for every session.

Branding and visual identity

When it comes to events, using cohesive branding throughout the experience immerses attendees, ensures consistency, and reinforces the event’s visual identity. Webex Events Session Check-in lets planners customize the color scheme and upload background images in the app. The same color scheme or background image set on the platform will apply to both event and session check-in.

Offline usage capability

Sometimes event hall internet is spotty, especially when hundreds of attendees log on to the same network. Webex Events Session Check-in offers offline functionality, allowing event organizers to perform check-ins even when their device is not connected to the internet. The system automatically syncs the data once the device reconnects. This feature ensures uninterrupted attendance tracking. 

Enhance efficiency and insights with platform features

For comprehensive session management, changes have been made to the platform to support Webex Events Session Check-in functionality in order for planners to easily customize their user experience and track metrics.

Session list and attendance

Through session lists and attendance, organizers can access session details, manage locations, and track attendance metrics for improved planning and reporting. The session list includes columns for check-in status, attendance count, location, and the agenda the session belongs to. Any location edits will sync with maps in the event app.

Attendance metrics are also available by the session and show how many attendees check in to the session, as well as the session’s remaining capacity and total capacity. This keeps organizers informed and lets them adjust on the fly as needed. For example, in the case of an at-capacity session, you might choose to host the same session again later in the day.

Session settings and check-in modes

Session settings are where the organizer sets capacity limits and access control. Whether to enforce a strict session end time or because of something unexpected, planners need the ability to quickly stop attendees from being able to check in. When editing a session in the Webex Events platform, the planner can both identify and change the current status of a session. The planner also has complete control over the session’s check-in mode.

In addition, event organizers can fine-tune the check-in experience, choosing whether to show a welcome page or redirect to a confirmation page after an attendee checks in. 

Session participants list and metrics

The Session Participants list lets the planner track the check-in status of attendees assigned to the session or who added the session to their personal agenda.

The list also gives planners the ability to change the status of attendees between checked-in, checked-out, and not checked-in. This proves especially useful for correcting mistaken check-ins or adding attendees who entered the session without checking in.

After the event, planners gain access to attendance records of their sessions through multiple Excel reports. They can leverage these reports to understand the performance of their sessions and prepare for future events. These metrics also help guide targeted marketing campaigns by providing insights into attendees’ interests based on their session attendance. 

Revolutionize your session check-in process

By utilizing Webex Events Session Check-in, organizers improve their workflows and streamline the check-in process for attendees. From attendance tracking and access controls to branding and metrics, the product offers everything event organizers need to provide a modern experience while realizing benefits on the backend. 

For a game-changing solution to streamline operations, boost attendee satisfaction, and drive event success, try Webex Events Session Check-in.