The event industry is almost unrecognizable since the start of the pandemic, and most of the changes we’ve seen are due to the incredible resilience and creative thinking coming from event organizers. 

What we’ve accomplished as an industry over the last several months probably would’ve taken years under normal circumstances. It forced us to reimagine all facets of event design, and how we can use technology to bring people together.

Think back to those early virtual events back in March and April. They were run primarily through meeting software that was never designed for virtual events, but it kept us going during difficult times.

Knowing that virtual and hybrid events will stick around for 2021 (and beyond), the industry has entered a new phase and is now looking beyond the meeting platforms to level up production quality. 

At Socio, we have a very clear vision for the future of events. Organizers want a simple, self-serve solution that can support professional-looking, TV-quality virtual and hybrid events. 

After extensive research and speaking with our clients to understand their streaming needs, we landed on a solution that’s very easy to use, and packed with awesome features that no other platforms come close to offering.

Today, I’m excited to announce that Socio is the first-ever event management platform to offer a native, end-to-end integration with StreamYard.

Check out some of the key features that truly set Socio Streaming, powered by Socio, apart.

Launch in seconds: No additional downloads or logins required

After entering the Socio Platform, you can launch Socio Streaming with the click of a button. Because it’s fully integrated within the Socio Platform, the user doesn’t have to log in or set up an additional account, offering a truly seamless experience. 

Elevate production value

Running Socio Streaming is kind of like being a DJ. You can bring speakers in and out of the broadcast, change the speaker orientation using the platform’s templated views, and weave in sponsor videos, overlays, and transitions. It adds an element of motion, and elevates production value far beyond other meeting or virtual platforms.

Make your live video on-brand

Customize your live streams with your own colors, logo, watermark, branding, and image overlays. With Socio Streaming, you can add lower-thirds titles, GIFs, sponsor commercials, and even pre-recorded videos.

Drive action during your live streams 

Add a call to action or other important messages to drive your viewers to take action. Just type out a call to action (CTA) and Socio Streaming will add it to your live stream with a single click. Think about the opportunities. You can ask attendees to visit a sponsor website, answer a poll, participate in the event game, or take any other action to help you achieve your event goals.

Engage with your audience in real time

Go further than just responding to comments and questions in the chat. With Socio Streaming, you can connect with your audience in a more personal and interactive way by bringing user comments into the live stream with the click of a button. For hybrid events, this is a great feature for making virtual attendees feel connected with the live audience. 

Unlike most third-party solutions, Socio’s native session chat feature is viewable in Socio Streaming’s backstage area, meaning your speakers can stay active and engaged, regardless if they’re in the live broadcast. 

See Socio Streaming in action

I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally share the news about Socio Streaming. Integrating streaming within an end-to-end event platform is a game-changer for leveling up event production. I can’t wait to see how our customers put all the amazing features to use.

Ready to see Socio Streaming in action? I’d like to invite you to join me for a live demo and Q&A on November 17 at 1PM.