After a tumultuous last year in the events industry, one thing is clear: event professionals need resources that empower them to become experts in the ever-changing world of events. Whether you’re hosting virtual, hybrid, or in-person events, honing new skillsets will be key to your events’ success. When you have credible resources just a few clicks away, anything’s possible! 

At Socio, we’re committed to equipping event professionals with endless opportunities to level up their knowledge of the Socio Platform and the events industry. We’re excited to introduce Socio Academy, the ultimate place for you to learn and certify your event knowledge. Socio Academy makes it easy for you to become a Socio pro and master of your craft. 

Customizable Course Plans Based on Your Learner Persona 

Getting started with Socio Academy is easy and only requires a Socio Platform login. If you’re a customer, you can log in with your existing Socio Platform credentials. Anyone can enroll in Socio Academy! If you’re not a customer, you can easily set up a Socio account here. 

When you log into Socio Academy, you can choose courses based on what aspect of your event is most important to you. Are you focused on crafting a fun-filled, unforgettable attendee experience? Do event operations make your world go around? Are you striving to make a lasting brand impression with your attendees and sponsors? Is your bottom line ROI? If any of these piqued your interest, Socio Academy’s Learner Personas have you covered with courses tailored for each outcome. Dive into one or two that best fit your current knowledge needs, or take it to the next level and try them all! 

If you’d like to take a broader approach to your search, you can browse the full course catalog and select the courses that most interest you. 

Become a Power User with Socio Academy Courses 

Staying up-to-date with the Socio Platform has never been easier with Socio Academy. Socio Academy courses are a great way for event professionals to learn more how Socio’ss products support virtual, hybrid, and in-person events.

Socio customers have the added benefit of accelerating their product onboarding with Socio Platform and Release Readiness courses, helping them become certified experts on all that their Socio products have to offer. 

To take your Socio knowledge to the next level, you can enroll in Socio Certification to gain a firm understanding of all Socio product functionality and benefits, learn an overview of product configuration, and discover where to go for more information on configuration or any other Socio-related topic. 

Once you’ve completed Socio Certification or a Socio Academy course, you’ll want to shout your success from the (virtual) rooftops! You can easily share your certificate of completion with your LinkedIn network directly from Socio Academy. 

Level Up Your Event Industry Skills 

As the events landscape continues to evolve, Socio Academy is here to help you get the most out of your events with industry-specific courses. Whether you’re focused on how to drive Event Revenue and Sponsorship ROI, interested in becoming an expert on Negotiating with Vendors, or you’re looking for guidance on how to Raise the Bar on Virtual Events, Socio Academy has the courses you need to become a master at your trade. 

The abrupt switch to virtual events in 2020, combined with the emergence of hybrid events, has left many event professionals with more questions than answers. Socio Academy is tackling these topics in courses like Bringing the Magic of In-Person Events to Virtual and Showcasing Sponsors in a Virtual Event with expert advice on how to ensure your virtual and hybrid events are successful, engaging, and measurable.

As an added benefit, on-demand versions of Socio webinars will be uploaded to Socio Academy. To get right to what matters most, each webinar will be condensed down into the session’s most important takeaways. Whether you’re revisiting a favorite webinar or watching for the first time, you’ll gain valuable insights on some of the most relevant topics in the events industry.  

Master Your Craft with Socio Academy

Whether you enroll in Socio Academy to ensure you’re getting the most out of your Socio products, or you simply want to stay up-to-date on event industry trends, you’ll walk away with valuable insights and learnings to amplify your events. 

Are you ready to take your events to the next level? Let’s do this thing! Explore the Academy here.