At Webex Events, we live and breathe to serve our customers — you, the event organizer. You know what it takes to execute amazing events — and how to make them even better. 

Today, at WebexOne, hosted on Webex Events, we are thrilled to announce (and show!) multiple product and feature innovations. 

We love launching new features based on your feedback, especially when our end-to-end technology enables you to work seamlessly, to the point the technology blends into the background. With that goal in mind, we’re thrilled to announce new Webex Events features that not only revolutionize the in-person event experience, but enhance session engagement and level up your event analytics.  

Read on to see what’s new at Webex Events. We know you’re going to love these new features!  

Webex Events Onsite Check-In and Badge Printing 

When we say Webex Events powers events end-to-end, we mean it. Webex Events Onsite Check-in and Badge Printing truly offers an all-in-one event check-in and badge printing solution — one that pairs effortlessly with our suite of event management software.  

Onsite Check-in and Badge Printing provides everything you need to power safe, seamless, and engaging onsite event check-in experiences. You’ll never need to juggle multiple vendors for your hardware and software needs — we package together all of the latest hardware and ship it directly to your event. We’ll provide you with everything you need, including check-in kiosks,  iPads, iPad stands, printers, routers, and printing supplies. 

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. Here’s how it works. 

Just like all of our technology,  Webex Events Onsite Check-in and Badge Printing is easy to configure, simple to use, and highly customizable. To design event badges, simply drag-and-drop to create the badge layout you want. 

Onsite Check-in and Badge Printing pairs with Webex Events Registration, so you can easily assign badges to different ticket types. Additionally,  printed badges connect directly with Webex Events’ Lead Retrieval, making it easy for sponsors, vendors, and exhibitors to scan attendee badge QR codes directly from their phones and quickly export lead data. 

Don’t settle for a clunky, time-wasting check-in experience ever again. Set up your event for success from the moment attendees arrive by offering a quick and easy check-in experience. Sit back and let our end-to-end technology handle everything. Or, if you prefer a friendly face with a professional touch, we’ll dispatch Webex Events’ award-winning Professional Services Team to run point, so you can focus 100 percent on execution.  

Web App Dark Mode

We get it. Sometimes, you simply prefer to work under the cover of darkness. 😎  

With our latest update, you can now launch Dark Mode in the Webex Events Web App. But only you, the mighty event organizer, holds the power to toggle Dark Mode on or off. We designed it that way so that you’re always in control and able to ensure a cohesive look and feel across the event. 

Aside from giving you more flexibility to showcase your branding in all of its glory, Dark Mode saves battery life, and reduces strain on the eye by limiting blue light. Plus, it looks pretty slick, right?!  

Custom Tab

Webex Events’ Chat, Q&A, and Polling features — all available at the session level — changed the game for attendee engagement, especially virtual and hybrid events. Since events can always use more engagement, we leveled up these best-in-class features even further, now with the addition of the Custom Tab.  

Once you launch the new feature, you can customize the name of the tab, drop in a URL to your favorite mobile-responsive website and, voilà — it seamlessly opens right in your Webex Events live stream. We recommend embedding our friends at Slido, but the sky’s the limit. 

Analytics Tracking Alert

You always want to use data to inform big decisions, to demonstrate sponsorship ROI, and to understand how people interact with your event content. All of this information will help to inform updates and changes you want to make to improve future events. At Webex Events, we track attendee actions from session attendance to networking to sponsor engagement to gamification metrics. But sometimes we run into roadblocks due to attendees using an ad blocker or a private browsing session.  

Analytics Tracking Alert

If you want to dive deeper into attendee metrics, you now have the option to automate pop-up alerts that detect whenever an attendee blocks tracking. You can encourage attendees with a friendly suggestion to allow tracking, or bounce them from the event or community. The choice is yours. 

We’ve also added a new widget in the Webex Events Data Dashboard to show tracked versus untracked attendees, so you always have clear event metrics. 

Check out the new features for yourself!

We always take your feedback to heart. You’re the ones who use our product every day and you know what it takes to execute amazing events. We hope you enjoy some of the new features available in the Webex Events platform. 

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