For Episode 1 of Socio’s EventHack Hybrid Games, the hackers were challenged to come up with innovative hybrid event engagement solutions for both the in-person and virtual audiences. Check out their full presentations below for tips you can implement in your own events!

The OGs of Hybrid

Featuring Anthony Vade of FMAV & The Event Design Collective and Mahoganey Jones of Event Specialist, the OGs of Hybrid presented their hybrid event engagement hacks for a Questex conference.

“Quest for a Better Life is a four-week adventure where participants discover, learn, and buy new products, services, and experiences within the Questex portfolio,” Vade said.

While the presentation wowed both the audience and judges, it was their intro video that really stole the show. You truly have to see it. 👇

K&J Productions

Comprised of the dynamic duo of Kristi Sanders and Jessie States of MPI, K&J Productions presented their hybrid event engagement solutions for “Just Innovate,” a Nike internal event.

“Our goal is to disrupt the sports apparel industry with new products and innovations that showcase social impact,” States said. “To do that, we’ll host the industry’s first corporate hack — Just Innovate.”

Over two days, Nike’s top performers will participate in immersive experiences and come up with new products and innovations that Nike will develop and deploy, States explained.

Check out the full presentation below for their hybrid event engagement solutions.

Team CGI

Rounding out Episode 1 of the EventHack Hybrid Games was Team CGI, featuring Gabrielle Deculus, CEO of Business Rules for Women and Shelli Strand, CMO of Strand. They hacked hybrid engagement solutions for a Slack user conference.

“We’re all about connection,” Deculus said. “First and foremost, the Slack conference hosts will use what you share about yourself to connect you with like-minded, like-tasted, and like-interested people to cultivate an organic, engaged community.”

Watch team CGI’s full presentation to see their hybrid event engagement strategies.

Hacking the Future of Hybrid Events 

Socio launched the EventHack Hybrid Games competition in mid-September as a way to collectively craft innovative hybrid event strategies for bringing together in-person and virtual audiences. 

Every week, four new teams from top companies across the event planning, digital marketing, and technology industries presented their best hybrid event hacks to a panel of expert judges and virtual viewers who tuned in to gather new ideas. 

Even though the series is now over, you can still check out every episode on demand!

And to learn more about how Socio’s event platform powers hybrid events, don’t hesitate to request a demo.