We’re back with another Eventhack recap! 

This week we’ll dive into the Pivot Kings’ presentation. Brian Fanzo, Katie Brunette, Max Arbuckle, and Britnee Hursin put together Socio’s user conference and I promise we didn’t put them up to it, but we may borrow some of their ideas for the future. And so can you. 

The Demographic 

The Event

Brian spoke about how moving to virtual is figuring out how to combine the offline and virtual experience, using mobile to do so. And I love that he explained it this way, definitely made me think. 

By the way, if you’re wondering how Brian made that awesome screen overlay for the presentation, check out this video tutorial.  

The Ideas

A week-long event accommodating for different time zones? I love it! With only 2-3 hours of content each day, attendees have more flexibility to tune in. 

I’m not going to lie, I’ve never thought about session previews, but love the idea. Give the attendees a small taste and leave the full meal for later. They’ll definitely want to know more. 

Pivot Kings squash the common misconception that virtual events offer limited sponsorship opportunities. I especially love the “bar crawl” idea; you could use a digital passport to mark off the “places” you “visited” during the event. (Reminder: Please don’t actually visit multiple locations right now.)  

For the record, I’ll let you in on a little secret. For Eventhack, we made resources and certain app features only available to our hackers. So, I can guarantee that locking certain features to specific groups works for making a great experience. 

Having a single hub where your event lives is key to having it run as smoothly as possible — a mobile app works perfectly. 

I especially love all the different ways to earn points in the event game. I’m a fairly competitive person, so I’m always up for a challenge and I bet a lot of your attendees are the same way. 

Pivot Kings had some awesome ideas for keeping the conversation going post event. The in-app community is a great way to engage attendees long after the event wraps.

Thank you, Pivot Kings, for all your ideas and the much-talked-about presentation style. We may or may not steal your ideas for the Socio user conference. 🙂