Events are one of the most powerful marketing channels, and the lack of measurable data has always surprised me. Collectively, the events industry is worth more than $500 billion annually, yet we’ve only realized a fraction of its potential due to the lack of measurability.

When it comes to the collection of event data, the lack of connectivity between point solutions gives a fragmented view of event metrics. It only makes sense that data should work hand in hand with all of the other moving parts, flowing gracefully from one system to the next along the attendee’s journey.

From day one, Socio’s core vision has always been to build an end-to-end event management solution that delights organizers and attendees with powerful yet simple tools, unparalleled customer support, and mind-blowing visibility into their event metrics and data. It’s a vision that guides our entire philosophy, and our approach to every product we develop.

Launching Socio Registration is a big step toward becoming a true, all-in-one event management solution, pairing our customers’ pre-event and in-event data for a more holistic picture of each attendee’s experience (and all the insights that we can glean). 

I believe the future of events — whether virtual, live, or hybrid — will be defined by event data, and the companies who fully embrace event metrics and technology will be rewarded with an increasingly larger piece of the $500 billion pie.

While the launch of Socio Registration forever changes our trajectory, it’s only the beginning of the next phase of Socio’s evolution as we continue to design best-in-class event technology for organizers and attendees to use across the lifecycle of their events.

Now, without further ado, let’s take a deeper look at Socio Registration.

A delightful end-to-end event management experience

The sudden rise of virtual events has given event organizers enough to worry about. Navigating clunky event tech is not only a waste of time, it’s one of their top concerns

Starting our research, we became laser-focused on delivering a delightful organizer experience. At every stage of the development process, we found ways to cut down on duplicity, provide more customizable features, and make Socio Registration the most sophisticated yet simple option available.

Like all of Socio’s products, we designed Socio Registration to be highly intuitive, so literally anyone can be up and running with a branded registration page in minutes. The design is sleek, the UX is impeccable, and everything renders across all devices beautifully. But most importantly, attendee data flows seamlessly to our Virtual Event Suite, Event App, and Communities.

With Socio Registration, the organizer can segment different attendee groups and assign multiple ticket types to each, leading to a personalized attendee journey in the entire event platform.

After completing registration and downloading the Event App, all of the information is already there — in the attendee’s preferred language — including profile picture, social handles, and work info. This not only saves time for the attendee, it creates a more personalized experience. From the organizer’s perspective, it eliminates clunky integrations and the need for multiple point solutions.

For ticket sales, Socio Registration offers instant payout, meaning revenue is available immediately to the organizer, not weeks later, or after the event concludes.

We understand the importance of a strong brand identity, and that’s why Socio Registration offers the flexibility and customization organizers need. Just about every detail is customizable, from the look and feel of the landing page down to the URL. Even the input fields are customizable, so you can change the name of any button or input field to better capture the data you find most valuable.

When it comes to analyzing registration data, our system comes equipped with an analytics dashboard so organizers always have a real-time picture of ticket sales, revenue, and other valuable data points.

I want to congratulate the entire Socio team for all of their dedication to our mission, and for always going above and beyond when thinking about how our products can move the event industry forward. 

If you’d like to see Socio Registration in action, don’t hesitate to schedule a demo.