We are thrilled to announce the latest updates to Webex Events, designed to enhance your event customization options and create a unique experience for your attendees. Whether you’re hosting in-person, virtual, or hybrid events, offering early bird specials, or managing VIP passes and sponsor registrations, our new features will empower you to tailor your event communications like never before. Let’s take a closer look at the fantastic features we have developed for event professionals like you! 

Tailor your checkout messaging by ticket type 

Crafting personalized messaging for different ticket types can be a challenge in the world of diverse event formats. That’s why we are excited to introduce the ability to create checkout messages, confirmation emails, cancellation emails, and refund emails that are unique to each ticket type in your registration form. 

With our enhanced Registration Checkout Settings page, you now have three tabs at your disposal: Confirmation messages, PDF tickets, and Emails. Here’s how you can customize each aspect: 

PDF tickets: Choose what information is included in the PDF version of the ticket attendees receive, such as the event date, location, ticket QR code, ticket description, event description, or checkout confirmation message. 

Confirmation messages: Customize the confirmation page that appears after attendees purchase a ticket. 

Emails: Customize the confirmation, cancellation, and refund notification emails attendees receive after purchasing a ticket. 

You can create up to 50 unique messages, PDF tickets, and emails of each type, making it easier than ever to provide tailored experiences for your attendees. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all messaging! 

Learn more about attendee ticket types.  

Enhanced email customization 

We understand that an email consists of more than just the message itself. That’s why we’ve expanded our customization options to include the From name, Reply-to email addresses, and Subject lines for checkout, cancellation, and refund emails. Now, you can ensure that each attendee receives emails tailored to their specific needs 

For example, if you want to route speaker or VIP questions to the right person for a quicker response, you can create a confirmation email for VIP ticket holders and specify the ‘Reply to’ email address that will promptly address their inquiries. Additionally, you can use variables within the email message to personalize the ‘From name’ and ‘Subject’ for individual attendees.  

Seamlessly include PDF tickets and app store links in registration emails 

We have further streamlined your email communications by enabling the inclusion of PDF tickets directly in the emails you create using the Promote > Emails menu. This feature is particularly useful for sending “See you soon” emails to attendees who registered months in advance, helping them easily find their tickets when the event draws near. 

Additionally, we’ve simplified the process of adding App Store or Play Store CTA buttons to your emails. Instead of manually copying and pasting URLs, we now automatically fill in the correct link to the Webex Events App or your Branded App, saving you time and effort. 

Learn more about email marketing on Webex Events. 

Elevate your event experience with enhanced maps 

Our Maps feature is a popular way for event organizers to help attendees navigate event venues and discover points of interest. We’ve further elevated its functionality and visual appeal with a series of new enhancements, including: 

  • New shape options: Previously, you were limited to drawing rectangular shapes on maps. Now, we’re introducing three new options to enhance the visual representation of your event venues: custom shape, circle, and pin.  
  • Customizable colors: No longer limited to blue rectangles, you can now customize the fill and border colors for shapes and pins. Match each exhibitor’s brand colors or align with your event’s visual identity.  
  • Multi-map list view: When attendees click on the Maps feature, they will be presented with a list of all available maps. This enhancement ensures that attendees are aware of multiple maps and can easily select the specific map they want to view, eliminating any confusion. 

Learn more about the maps feature.  

Achieve visual consistency with Mirror my Video in Webex Events Production Studio 

Have you ever noticed that when you look in a mirror, your reflection appears to be a mirrored version of yourself? It’s a natural effect we’re accustomed to. However, when your webcam video doesn’t behave in the same way, it can be disorienting and impact your experience. 

That’s why we’re excited to introduce the Mirror my Video feature in Webex Events Production Studio’s camera settings. With this new addition, you can activate the toggle to flip your self-view video, creating a mirrored effect that aligns with what you see when looking in a mirror. 

By enabling Mirror my Video, you’ll have a more intuitive and familiar experience during your Webex Events sessions. Whether you’re raising your right hand or making gestures, your video will now reflect your movements just like a mirror image. 

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The latest updates to Webex Events bring a new level of customization and control to your event management. With the ability to tailor checkout messaging, customize email fields, include PDF tickets, and seamlessly integrate App Store links, you can create a personalized and engaging experience for each attendee. 

We are committed to continuously improving Webex Events to meet the evolving needs of event organizers like you.