From planning themed outfits together to sharing candid snaps on social media after the big day, a great theme gets people excited to attend your event and ensures they’ll talk about it long after last call.

But what if you’re planning a virtual or hybrid event? With the right event technology, fun event themes can translate seamlessly to hybrid and virtual experiences. 

Considering themes for your next big event? Find the perfect event venue, then let your creative juices flow with these corporate event theme ideas. Then keep reading to learn how to integrate your theme into your virtual or hybrid event.

Party event theme ideas 

Party on with these cool theme ideas.

Group of happy young people throwing confetti while enjoying rooftop party. Friends having fun at terrace party.

1. Block party

Be the coolest company on the block (literally) with a block party event theme. Add wow factor with a local brewery pouring samples on-site, a food truck, and some yard games.

2. Dive into decades

Invite attendees to dress up with apparel from the decade (or even year) they were born. Use gamification to create some friendly competition between the decades. 

3. Pub party

Raise the bar with a pub-themed event. Host this one at a pub, organize a pub crawl after the day’s sessions, or just make your event pub-themed with booths, ales, and bar snacks.

Bon voyage! Travel themes for your next event

Let your next event take flight with these travel-themed event ideas.

A lot of people attend an annual event dedicated to street food from suppliers and local restaurants.

4. Around the World in 80 days

If you work for a global company, this event theme just might be the first-class ticket. Bring out decorations or virtual event room designs that showcase the countries featured in Jules Verne’s classic. 

5. Road trip across the US

Incorporate state foods, sports teams, and road trip decor for an across the US party theme. Encourage attendees to rep your state dress code, which makes for great conversation starters.

6. European tour

Use foods and flags from different European countries to make your event stand out. Or narrow it down to a specific European theme idea, like Oktoberfest.

Sports themes for your next event

Score major points from your guests with a sports-themed event. Note: Stay current by planning these around major sporting events like the World Cup, PGA Tour, or Stanley Cup.

Sports equipment lying on grass

7. Soccer

When planning a global event with a sports theme, you can’t miss with soccer (or football depending on what side of the pond you’re on). Let your attendees kick back with a casual, fun theme.

8. Basketball

March Madness, anyone? Engage event-goers with a bracket-style tournament. Invite your guests to wear their favorite jerseys. 

9. Baseball

Planning a training event in the spring? So is the MLB, which makes baseball a homerun spring event theme. Set up those peanuts and Cracker Jacks snack stations. 

10. Golf

Get on the green for a golf-themed corporate event. From mini-golf to the driving range, plan a hole-in-one event.

11. Football/Tailgate

Host a tailgate-themed party either in the fall or around Super Bowl Sunday. Fire up the grills, or stay on theme with a chili cook-off. 

Decade-specific event theme ideas

Travel back to the future or enjoy a blast from the past! These party themes stand the test of time. 

Close up glasses of champagne. Flappers women wearing in style of Roaring Gatsby twenties drinking alcohol. Vintage, retro party, fashion, girls friends concept.

12. Roaring ‘20s

Encourage guests to dress to the nines in flapper dresses and striped suits for this vintage glam affair. Virtual attendees can post photos of their outfits on social media with a branded hashtag.

13. Sock hop

Dust off those poodle skirts for an old-fashioned sock hop! No sock hop was complete without a post-trip to the diner, so consider a DIY milkshake bar for an interactive component that allows your guests to mingle and enjoy themselves. 

14. Bring back the ‘90s

Flannels and denim and mood rings—oh my! The ‘90s might not have been that long ago, but there’s plenty you can do with this theme. Play music from boomboxes, provide guests with gel pens, and serve snacks like Dunkaroos and Lunchables.  

15. Into the future

Futuristic events lend themselves well to STEM industries on the forefront of technology and automation. Use live display on large screens throughout the event venue to showcase the future of your company. Deck the space out with space decor and neon lights. You can even buy freeze-dried astronaut food if you want to go the extra mile.

Holiday/seasonal event theme ideas

Make a game plan for the events that happen every year.

Multiracial young creative people are celebrating holiday in modern office.

16. Easter/Spring fling

Give a traditional Easter egg hunt a business-like twist with a company trivia scavenger hunt (virtual or in-person). Or host a silent “Easter basket” auction for a spring fundraising event.

17. Halloween/Fall fun

Trick out your headquarters for a Halloween bash, complete with a costume contest and plenty of treats. For a non-holiday event theme, lean into the fall season for your color palette, activities, and food and drinks (PSLs, anyone?).

18. Christmas/Winter wonderland

Many companies end the year with a holiday party for their employees. For a festive feel, decorate with fake snow and twinkling lights. And don’t forget the hot cocoa bar!

19. Christmas in July

Put a twist on the Christmas theme by hosting a Christmas in July party. Just don’t forget to crank the AC up so attendees don’t sweat through their ugly sweaters.

20. Summer camp

Adult summer camps have risen in popularity over the years, and we have to say that we love the idea of an event with camp activities and evening bonfires (real or virtual). Take your “fireside” chats to a whole new level and provide attendees with a DIY s’mores bar/kit. They can enjoy a sweet treat while learning from your event speakers. 

Game night themes for your next event

Perfect for fundraisers, team-building, or celebratory events, game-themed events create a friendly, competitive atmosphere. To easily incorporate gamification into your next event, leverage an event management platform with gamification features to bring your event to life.  

Old Vintage Arcade Video Games in an empty dark gaming room with blue light with glowing displays and beautiful retro design.

21. Old-school arcade

Retro arcade games like pinball, Pac-Man, Frogger and Street Fighter are classic games attendees of any age can enjoy. For extra oomph, match your decor, food and beverages to the retro vibe. If your attendee list is small enough, you could even use a retro arcade as your event venue.

22. Poker night

Set up different card tables for networking and games. Make it a fundraiser with the buy-in and winnings going to a nonprofit cause. 

23. Carnival

Plan a family-friendly event with popcorn, cotton candy, and ring toss! Encourage sponsors and vendors to decorate their booths for the occasion.

Hollywood/movie event theme ideas

Dazzle guests with these event theme ideas from the silver screen.

Retro film production accessories placed on wooden planks.

24. James Bond

Get the martinis ready (shaken, not stirred) for a James Bond-themed event. Make it a casino night with fun card games and slot machines. 

25. Hollywood Walk of Fame

Roll out a red carpet and adorn it with star cutouts featuring the names of your guests. Attendees will love finding their stars and taking pictures on the carpet. Set up an elevated popcorn bar full of fancy fixings, like white truffle oil and dried herbs.

Music event theme ideas

Get your guests on their feet with a music-themed event.

Hand raised showing a heavy metal rock sign

26. Disco

Bring it back to the ‘70s with a disco-themed event. Browse the best disco songs of all time for music to play during networking happy hours. 

27. Rock and roll

Dramatic event lighting and live music could make a rockin’ night to remember, but it doesn’t have to be high budget. Create a rock and roll playlist, and decorate with thrifted old records. A record and metallic markers provide a unique alternative to whiteboards and sticky notes.

Plan a themed event, whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid

Let your imagination run wild when brainstorming event theme ideas. The perfect theme helps ensure guests enjoy themselves, engage with event activities, and remember your event for a long time. 

Plus, with an event management platform like Webex Events, translating your event theme to a virtual or hybrid format is easy. With custom branding, you can match your event’s look and feel to your theme. And with our Snapbar photo booth integration, you can have virtual attendees take photos and add themed stickers and backgrounds to the before sharing on your event’s social wall.

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