Socio won top honors for “Overall Culture” and “Career Path” at the first annual Powderkeg Indiana Breakout Tech Culture Awards.

“You can’t take care of your customers without taking care of your people,” said CEO and co-founder, Yarkin Sakucoglu. “We take care of our people so they take care of our customers.”

By winning the two awards for company culture, Sakucoglu’s vision now has another level of validation. The company’s customer success team has already earned distinctions such as NPS score of 73, and a 10 out of 10 “Quality of Support” score on G2.

The awards arrive at an ideal time for Socio, too. The event software company raised a $6M Series A funding round this past summer in part to rapidly hire at its North American headquarters in Indianapolis and EMEA office in Istanbul.

In addition to its two first-place awards, Socio also ranked in the top 10 percent in 8 out of 12 categories:

  • Health & Balance
  • Social Impact
  • Leadership
  • Career Path
  • Sales + Marketing Team
  • Customer Experience Team
  • Workplace
  • Mission, Purpose, and Values

For its first Breakout Tech Culture Awards, Powderkeg surveyed more than 250 tech companies about their workplace culture, scoring them across 12 categories such as “Product Team” and “Mission, Purpose, Values.” That narrowed the field down to 40 companies.

Those interested in working at Socio should check out the Socio career page for current job opportunities.