Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days! We get it, nobody is perfect. The solution is catching the problem and fixing it. If you are guilty of any of these 5 common networking mistakes, then this could be a heads up for you. If not, great, you are already ahead of the game!


Please…Do not do these 5 things when networking:


1. Attend EVERY Event

More is better! This is true for chocolate consumption, but it’s a different case when it comes to networking. If you are hitting up events completely unrelated to your field, then it’s time to take it down a notch. You will be better served to look for events that are beneficial to your business and can give you opportunities to build valuable connections. If it doesn’t fit your need or interest, then don’t waste your time and money on it.


2. Talk to the Entire Room

Quality is better than quantity. You can not build those valuable connections you came for if your conversations only last 2 minutes. Instead of spending a little time with everyone, you can use more time to curate relationships that can live past the event. Communicate deeper than your position and history. Make friendly and personal connections on top of that professional relationship.


3. Selling Instead of Networking

Do not try to set up sales call at a networking event. This kills the vibe not only for you, but also for others. Just imagine if you are attending an event and half of the attendees are trying to sell you something…Yikes! The fun in networking events is to come together and meet new connections. Be genuine and light-hearted when conversing with others and build your network.


4. Drink Too Much

No one is saying that you can’t have a drink or two at the event. The key is to know your limitations and avoid becoming the “drunken fool”. Be social, have a good time, but don’t let it get out of hand. It is also important to make sure that you eat something before the event to keep your energy levels up.


5. Forget to Follow Up

Following up with your connections is critical for long-lasting relationships. It’s very helpful to take notes on each connection for later reference. Forgetting to follow up is the last stage of social suicide. All the connections you’ve met will forget about you, and you have just wasted your time and money. Make sure to send a follow-up message to them within 48 hours of the event conclusion.